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{Genesis 41:56} And the famine 7458 was x1961 over x5921 all x3605 the face 6440 of the earth: 776 And Joseph 3130 opened 6605 z8799 x853 all x3605 the storehouses, x834 and sold 7666 z8799 unto the Egyptians; 4714 and the famine 7458 waxed sore 2388 z8799 in the land 776 of Egypt. 4714
the face:
"And it shall come to pass¹ after the endª¹ of seventyª years,ª that the LORDª will visitª°¹ Tyre,ª and she shall turnª° to her hire,ª and shall commit fornicationª° with¹ all¹ the kingdomsª of the worldª upon¹ the faceª of the earth.ª" {Isa 23:17} + "Then saidª° he unto¹ me, This¹ [is] the curseª that goeth forthª° over¹ the faceª of the whole¹ earth:ª for¹ every one¹ that stealethª° shall be cut offª° [as] on this side¹¹ according² to it;¹ and every¹ one that swearethª° shall be cut offª° [as] on that side¹¹ according² to it.¹" {Zch 5:3} + "Forª asª a snareª shall it comeª° onª allª them that dwellª° onª the faceª of the¹ wholeª earth.ª" {Lke 21:35} + "Andª hath madeª° ofª oneª bloodª allª nationsª of menª for to dwellª° onª allª the¹ faceª of the¹ earth,ª and hath determinedª° the timesª before appointed,ª° andª the¹ boundsª of their²¹ habitation;ª" {Act 17:26}
all the storehouses:
Heb. all wherein was
"And Josephª [was] the governorª over¹ the land,ª [and] he¹ [it was] that soldª° to all¹ the peopleª of the land:ª and Joseph'sª brethrenª came,ª° and bowed down²° themselves¹ before him [with] their facesª to the earth.ª" {Gen 42:6} + "And Josephª gathered upª°¹ all¹ the moneyª that was foundª° in the landª of Egypt,ª and in the landª of Canaan,ª for the cornª which¹ they¹ bought:ª° and Josephª broughtª°¹ the moneyª into Pharaoh'sª house.ª ... And it shall come to pass¹ in the increase,ª that ye shall giveª° the fifthª [part] unto Pharaoh,ª and fourª partsª shall be¹ your own, for seedª of the field,ª and for your food,ª and for them¹ of your households,ª and for foodª° for your little ones.ª" {Gen 47:14-24}

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