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{Genesis 41:45} And Pharaoh 6547 called 7121 z8799 Joseph's 3130 name 8034 Zaphnathpaaneah; 6847 and he gave 5414 z8799 him to wife 802 x853 Asenath 621 the daughter 1323 of Potipherah 6319 priest 3548 of On. 204 And Joseph 3130 went out 3318 z8799 over x5921 [all] the land 776 of Egypt. 4714
Which in Coptic signifies a revealer of secrets, or, the man to whom secrets are revealed. Jerome says this name signified in Egyptian, Savatorem mundi, "the Saviour of the world;" and Psotem-phaneh, in Coptic, is certainly "salvation of the world," from CΩT, for σωτηρια [Strong's G4991], salvation, em, the sign of the genitive case, and ΦΕΝΕΗ, world. If this interpretation be correct, Pharaoh must have meant Egypt by the world, or which Joseph might be justly termed the Saviour. We know that the Romans called their empire Universis Orbis-Orbis Terrarum, "all the world:" the Chinese say the same of their empire at the present day, and the phrase is used in the East: Nadir Shah is described on his coins as "Conqueror of the World," i.e., Persia. See the same phraseology applied to Syria, Palestine, etc. "Andª it came to passª° inª thoseª days,ª that there went outª° a decreeª fromª Caesarª Augustus,ª that allª the¹ worldª should be taxed.ª°" {Lke 2:1} + "Andª there stood upª° oneª ofª themª namedª Agabus,ª and signifiedª° byª the¹ Spiritª that there should¹ beª²°° greatª dearthª throughoutª allª the¹ world:ª whichªª came to passª° in the days ofª Claudiusª Caesar.ª" {Act 11:28}
priest of:
or, prince, "And Melchizedekª kingª of Salemª brought forthª° breadª and wine:ª and he¹ [was] the priestª of the most highª God.ª" {Gen 14:18} + "Now the priestª of Midianª had sevenª daughters:ª and they cameª° and drewª° [water], and filledª°¹ the troughsª to waterª° their father'sª flock.ª" {Exd 2:16} *marg. "And Benaiahª the sonª of Jehoiadaª [was over] both the Cherethitesª and the Pelethites;ª and David'sª sonsª were¹ chief rulers.ª" {2Sm 8:18} + "And Iraª also¹ the Jairiteª was¹ a chief rulerª about David.ª" {2Sm 20:26} *Heb:
"And unto Josephª in the landª of Egyptª were bornª°¹ Manassehª and Ephraim,ª which¹ Asenathª the daughterª of Potipherahª priestª of Onª bareª° unto him." {Gen 46:20} + "The young menª of Aven²¹ and of Pibesethª shall fallª° by the sword:ª and these¹ [cities] shall go²°¹ into captivity.ª" {Ezk 30:17}, Aven

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