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{Genesis 39:19} And it came to pass, x1961 when his master 113 heard 8085 z8800 x853 the words 1697 of his wife, 802 which x834 she spake 1696 z8765 unto x413 him, saying, 559 z8800 After this x428 manner 1697 did 6213 z8804 thy servant 5650 to me; that his wrath 639 was kindled. 2734 z8799
"I¹ [was] a fatherª to the poor:ª and the causeª [which] I knewª° not¹ I searched out.ª°" {Job 29:16} + "[He that is] firstª in his own causeª [seemeth] just;ª but his neighbourª comethª°°° and searchethª° him." {Prv 18:17} + "If a rulerª° hearkenª° to¹ lies,ªª all¹ his servantsª° [are] wicked.ª" {Prv 29:12} + "Toª whomª I answered,ª°² It¹ isª° notª the mannerª of the Romansª to deliverª° anyª manª toª die,ª beforeª thatª he which is accusedª° haveª° the¹ accusersª face to face,ªª² and¹ have²° licenceª¹ to answer for himselfª concerningª the¹ crime laid against him.ª" {Act 25:16} + "Andª for this² causeª¹ Godª shall sendª° themª strong² delusion,ª¹ that² theyª should believeª° a lie:ª" {2Th 2:11}
his wrath:
"But unto¹ Cainª and to¹ his offeringª he had not respect.ª°¹ And Cainª was veryª wroth,ª° and his countenanceª fell.ª° ... And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Cain,ª Why¹ art thou wroth?ª° and why¹ is thy countenanceª fallen?ª°" {Gen 4:5-6} + "For¹ jealousyª [is] the rageª of a man:ª therefore he will not¹ spareª° in the dayª of vengeance.ª ... He will not¹ regardªª° any¹ ransom;ª neither¹ will he rest content,ª° though¹ thou givest manyª° gifts.ª" {Prv 6:34-35} + "Manyª watersª cannotª°¹¹ quenchª° love,ª neither¹ can the floodsª drownª° it: if¹ [a] manª would giveª°¹ all¹ the substanceª of his houseª for love,ª it would utterly²° be contemned.ª°" {Sgs 8:7}

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