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{Genesis 39:9} [There is] none x369 greater 1419 in this x2088 house 1004 than x4480 I; neither 3808 hath he kept back 2820 z8804 any thing 3972 from x4480 me but x3588 x518 thee, because 834 thou 859 [art] his wife: 802 how x349 then can I do 6213 z8799 this x2063 great 1419 wickedness, 7451 and sin 2398 z8804 against God? 430
"And Abrahamª saidª° unto¹ his eldestª servantª of his house,ª that ruled¹ over²° all¹ that¹ he had, Put,ª° I pray thee,¹ thy handª under¹ my thigh:ª" {Gen 24:2} + "And I said,ª° Should such² a man² as I¹¹ flee?ª° and who¹ [is there], that,¹ [being] as I¹ [am], would goª° into¹ the templeª to save his life?ª° I will not¹ go in.ª°" {Neh 6:11} + "Butª he that knewª° not,ª andª did commitª° things worthyª of stripes,ª shall be beatenª° with fewª [stripes]. Forª unto whomsoeverªª muchª is given,ª° ofª himª shall be muchª required:ª° andª to whom¹ men² have committedª° much,ª of himª they will askª° the more.ª" {Lke 12:48} + "ª² Moreoverª¹ it is requiredª° inª stewards,ª thatª a manª be foundª° faithful.ª" {1Co 4:2} + "Notª purloining,ª° butª shewingª° allª goodª fidelity;ª thatª they may adornª° the¹ doctrineª of Godª ourª Saviourª inª all things.ª" {Tts 2:10}
how then:
"But Godª cameª° to¹ Abimelechª in a dreamª by night,ª and saidª° to him, Behold,¹ thou [art but] a dead man,ª° for¹ the womanª which¹ thou hast taken;ª° for she¹ [is] a man'sª wife.ª°" {Gen 20:3} + "And Godª saidª° unto¹ him in a dream,ª Yea,ª I¹ knowª° that¹ thou didstª° this¹ in the integrityª of thy heart;ª for I¹ also¹ withheldª° thee from sinningª°¹ against me: therefore¹¹ sufferedª° I thee not¹ to touchª°¹ her." {Gen 20:6} + "And the manª that¹ committeth adulteryª° with¹ [another] man'sª wife,ª [even he] that¹ committeth adulteryª° with¹ his neighbour'sª wife,ª the adultererª° and the adulteressª° shall surely²° be put to death.ª°" {Lev 20:10} + "And when the mourningª was past,ª° Davidª sentª° and fetchedª° her to¹ his house,ª and she became¹ his wife,ª and bareª° him a son.ª But the thingª that¹ Davidª had doneª° displeasedªª° the LORD.ª" {2Sm 11:27} + "If¹ mine heartª have been deceivedª° by¹ a woman,ª or [if] I have laid waitª° at¹ my neighbour'sª door;ª ... For¹ it¹ [is] a fireª [that] consumethª° to¹ destruction,ª and would root outª° all¹ mine increase.ª" {Job 31:9-12} + "For¹ destructionª [from] Godª [was] a terrorª to¹ me, and by reason of his highnessª¹ I couldª° not¹ endure." {Job 31:23} + "So¹ he that goeth inª° to¹ his neighbour'sª wife;ª whosoever¹ touchethª° her shall not¹ be innocent.ª°" {Prv 6:29} + "[But] whoso committeth adulteryª° with a womanª lackethª understanding:ª he¹ [that] doethª° it destroyethª° his own soul.ª" {Prv 6:32} + "They were¹ [as] fedª° horsesª in the morning:ª° every oneª neighedª° after¹ his neighbour'sª wife.ª ... Shall I not¹ visitª° for¹ these¹ [things]? saithª° the LORD:ª and¹ shall not¹ my soulª be avengedª° on such¹ a nationª as this?¹" {Jer 5:8-9} + "ª Know¹ ye²° notª thatª the unrighteousª shall²° notª inheritª° the kingdomª of God?ª Be²° notª deceived:ª° neitherª fornicators,ª norª idolaters,ª norª adulterers,ª norª effeminate,ª norª abusers of themselves with mankind,ª ... Norª thieves,ª norª covetous,ª norª drunkards,ª norª revilers,ª norª extortioners,ª shall¹ inheritª²° the kingdomª of God.ª" {1Co 6:9-10} + "Nowª the¹ worksª of the¹ fleshª areª° manifest,ª whichª areª° [these]; Adultery,ª fornication,ª uncleanness,ª lasciviousness,ª ... Envyings,ª murders,ª drunkenness,ª revellings,ª andª suchª like:ª of the whichª I tell²° you² before,ª°¹ asª I have²° alsoª told [you] in time past,²°¹ thatª they which doª° such thingsª shall²° notª inheritª° the kingdomª of God.ª" {Gal 5:19-21} + "Marriageª [is] honourableª inª all,ª andª the¹ bedª undefiled:ª butª whoremongersª andª adulterersª Godª will judge.ª°°" {Hbr 13:4} + "Butª the fearful,ª andª unbelieving,ª andª the abominable,ª° andª murderers,ª andª whoremongers,ª andª sorcerers,ª andª idolaters,ª andª allª liars,ª shall have their²¹ partª inª the¹ lakeª which² burnethª° with fireª andª brimstone:ª which isª° the secondª death.ª" {Rev 21:8} + "Forª withoutª [are] dogs,ª andª sorcerers,ª andª whoremongers,ª andª murderers,ª andª idolaters,ª andª whosoeverª lovethª° andª makethª° a lie.ª" {Rev 22:15}
"And Josephª saidª° unto¹ them the thirdª day,ª This¹ do,ª° and live;ª° [for] I¹ fearª¹ God:ª" {Gen 42:18} + "If¹ a soulª sin,ª° and commitª° a trespassª against the LORD,ª and lieª° unto his neighbourª in that which was delivered² him to keep,¹ or¹ in fellowship,ªª or¹ in a thing taken away by violence,ª or¹ hath deceivedª°¹ his neighbour;ª" {Lev 6:2} + "But if¹ ye will not¹ do¹ so,²°¹ behold,¹ ye have sinnedª° against the LORD:ª and be sureª° your sinª will find you out.ª°¹" {Num 32:23} + "And Davidª saidª° unto¹ Nathan,ª I have sinnedª° against the LORD.ª And Nathanª saidª° unto¹ David,ª The LORDª also¹ hath put awayª° thy sin;ª thou shalt not¹ die.ª°" {2Sm 12:13} + "But the formerª governorsª that¹ [had been] beforeª me were chargeableª° unto¹ the people,ª and had takenª° of¹ them breadª and wine,ª besideª fortyª shekelsª of silver;ª yea,¹ even² their servantsª bare ruleª° over¹ the people:ª but so¹ didª° not¹ I,¹ becauseª¹ of the fearª of God.ª" {Neh 5:15} + "Against thee, thee only,¹ have I sinned,ª° and doneª° [this] evilª in thy sight:ª that¹ thou mightest be justifiedª° when thou speakest,ª° [and] be clearª° when thou judgest.ª°" {Psa 51:4} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Behold,¹ I will castª° thee from off¹¹ the faceª of the earth:ª this yearª thou¹ shalt die,ª° because¹ thou hast taughtª° rebellionª against¹ the LORD.ª" {Jer 28:16} + "All¹ that foundª° them have devouredª° them: and their adversariesª said,ª° We offendª° not,¹ because¹¹ they have sinnedª° against the LORD,ª the habitationª of justice,ª even the LORD,ª the hopeª of their fathers.ª" {Jer 50:7} + "Whosoeverª is bornª° ofª Godª doth²° notª commit¹ sin;ª forª his²¹ seedª remainethª° inª him:ª andª he cannotªª° sin,ª° becauseª he is bornª° ofª God.ª" {1Jn 3:9}

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