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{Genesis 37:4} And when his brethren 251 saw 7200 z8799 that x3588 their father 1 loved 157 z8804 him more than all x4480 x3605 his brethren, 251 they hated 8130 z8799 him, and could 3201 z8804 not x3808 speak 1696 z8763 peaceably 7965 unto him.
hated him:
"And Josephª dreamedª° a dream,ª and he toldª° [it] his brethren:ª and they hatedª° him yet¹ the more.ª°" {Gen 37:5} + "And his brethrenª enviedª° him; but his fatherª observedª°¹ the saying.ª" {Gen 37:11} + "And when they sawª° him afar off,ª¹ even before¹ he came nearª° unto¹ them, they conspiredª° against him to slayª° him. ... And they tookª° him, and castª° him into a pit:ª and the pitª [was] empty,ª [there was] no¹ waterª in it." {Gen 37:18-24} + "But unto¹ Cainª and to¹ his offeringª he had not respect.ª°¹ And Cainª was veryª wroth,ª° and his countenanceª fell.ª°" {Gen 4:5} + "And Esauª hatedª°¹ Jacobª because² of¹ the blessingª wherewithª his fatherª blessed¹ him:²° and Esauª saidª° in his heart,ª The daysª of mourningª for my fatherª are at hand;ª° then will I slayª°¹ my brotherª Jacob.ª" {Gen 27:41} + "The archersªª have sorely grieved¹ him,²° and shotª° [at him], and hated¹ him:²°" {Gen 49:23} + "And he sent,ª° and brought¹ him in.²° Now he¹ [was] ruddy,ª [and] withalª of a beautifulª countenance,ª and goodlyª to look to.ª And the LORDª said,ª° Arise,ª° anointª° him: for¹ this¹ [is] he.¹ ... Then Samuelª tookª°¹ the hornª of oil,ª and anointedª° him in the midstª of his brethren:ª and the Spiritª of the LORDª cameª° upon¹ Davidª from that dayª¹¹ forward.ª So Samuelª rose up,ª° and went²°¹ to Ramah.ª" {1Sm 16:12-13} + "And Eliabª his eldestª brotherª heardª° when he spakeª° unto¹ the men;²¹ and Eliab'sª angerª was kindledª° against David,ª and he said,ª° Why¹ camest thou downª° hither? and with¹ whom¹ hast thou leftª° thoseª fewª sheepª in the wilderness?ª I¹ knowª°¹ thy pride,ª and the naughtinessª of thine heart;ª for¹ thou art come downª° that¹ thou mightest seeª° the battle.ª" {1Sm 17:28} + "But mine enemiesª° [are] lively,ª [and] they are strong:ª° and they that hateª° me wrongfullyª are multiplied.ª°" {Psa 38:19} + "They that hateª° me without a causeª are moreª° than the hairsª¹ of mine head:ª they that would destroyª° me, [being] mine enemiesª° wrongfully,ª are mighty:ª° then¹ I restoredª° [that] which¹ I took not away.ª°¹" {Psa 69:4} + "Hisª brethrenª thereforeª saidª° untoª him,ª Departª° hence,ª andª goª° intoª Judaea,ª thatª thyª disciplesª alsoª may seeª° the¹ worksª thatª thou² doest.ª° ... Forª neitherª did²° hisª brethrenª believeª° inª him.ª" {Jhn 7:3-5} + "Ifª the¹ worldª hateª° you,ª ye knowª°° thatª it hatedª° meª beforeª [it hated] you.ª ... Ifª ye wereª° ofª the¹ world,ª the¹ worldª would² loveª°¹ his own:ª butª becauseª ye areª° notª ofª the¹ world,ª butª Iª have chosenª° youª out ofª the¹ world,ª thereforeªª the¹ worldª hatethª° you.ª" {Jhn 15:18-19} + "Forª we¹ ourselves² alsoª wereª°²° sometimesª foolish,ª disobedient,ª deceived,ª° servingª° diversª lustsª andª pleasures,ª livingª° inª maliceª andª envy,ª hateful,ª [and] hatingª° one another.ª" {Tts 3:3} + "Butª he that hatethª° his²¹ brotherª isª° inª darkness,ª andª walkethª° inª darkness,ª andª knowethª° notª whitherª he goeth,ª° becauseª that darknessª hath blindedª° his²¹ eyes.ª" {1Jn 2:11} + "Inª thisª the¹ childrenª of Godª areª° manifest,ª andª the¹ childrenª of the¹ devil:ª whosoeverª doethª° notª righteousnessª isª° notª ofª God,ª neitherª he that lovethª° notª his²¹ brother.ª" {1Jn 3:10} + "Notª asª Cain,ª [who] wasª° ofª that wicked one,ª andª slewª° his²¹ brother.ª Andª whereforeªª slewª° he him?ª Becauseª his own²¹ worksª wereª° evil,ª andª his²¹ brother'sª righteous.ª" {1Jn 3:12} + "Ifª a manª say,ª°² I loveª° God,ª andª hatethª° his²¹ brother,ª he isª° a liar:ª forª he that lovethª° notª his²¹ brotherª whomª he hath seen,ª° howª canª° he loveª° Godª whomª he hath²° notª seen?ª°" {1Jn 4:20}
and could not speak peaceably unto him:
Or, rather, "and they could not speak peace to him," i.e., they would not accost him in a friendly manner. They would not even wish him well, in the eastern mode of salutation of, Peace be to thee! It is not an unusual thing for an Arab or Turk to hesitate to return the salâm, if given by a Christian, or by one of whom he has not a favourable opinion; and this may always be considered as an act of hostility.

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