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{Genesis 36:8} Thus dwelt 3427 z8799 Esau 6215 in mount 2022 Seir: 8165 Esau 6215 [is] Edom. 123
mount Seir:
"These¹ [are] the sonsª of Seirª the Horite,ª who inhabitedª° the land;ª Lotan,ª and Shobal,ª and Zibeon,ª and Anah,ª" {Gen 36:20} + "And the Horitesª in their mountª Seir,ª unto¹ Elparan,ª which¹ [is] byª the wilderness.ª" {Gen 14:6} + "And Jacobª sentª° messengersª before¹ him² to¹ Esauª his brotherª unto the landª of Seir,ª the countryª of Edom.ª" {Gen 32:3} + "Meddleª° not¹ with them; for¹ I will not¹ giveª° you of their land,ª¹ no, not so much¹ as a foot² breadth;ªª¹ because¹ I have givenª°¹ mountª Seirª unto Esauª [for] a possession.ª" {Deu 2:5} + "And I gaveª° unto Isaacª¹ Jacobª and Esau:ª and I gaveª° unto Esauª¹ mountª Seir,ª to possessª° it; but Jacobª and his childrenª went downª° into Egypt.ª" {Jsh 24:4} + "And [some] of¹ them, [even] of¹ the sonsª of Simeon,ª fiveª hundredª men,²¹ wentª° to mountª Seir,ª having for their captainsª Pelatiah,ª and Neariah,ª and Rephaiah,ª and Uzziel,ª the sonsª of Ishi.ª" {1Ch 4:42} + "And now,¹ behold,¹ the childrenª of Ammonª and Moabª and mountª Seir,ª whom¹ thou wouldest not¹ letª° Israelª invade,ª° when they came¹ out²° of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª but¹ they turnedª° from¹¹ them, and destroyedª° them not;¹" {2Ch 20:10} + "For the childrenª of Ammonª and Moabª stood upª° against¹ the inhabitantsª° of mountª Seir,ª utterly to slayª° and destroyª° [them]: and when they had made an endª° of the inhabitantsª° of Seir,ª every oneª helpedª° to destroyª another.ª" {2Ch 20:23} + "Sonª of man,ª setª° thy faceª against¹ mountª Seir,ª and prophesyª° against¹ it, ... Thus will I makeª°¹ mountª Seirª most² desolate,ª and cut offª° from¹ it him that passeth outª° and him that returneth.ª°" {Ezk 35:2-7} + "And I hatedª° Esau,ª and laidª°¹ his mountainsª and his heritageª wasteª for the dragonsª of the wilderness.ª" {Mal 1:3}
"Now these¹ [are] the generationsª of Esau,ª who¹ [is] Edom.ª" {Gen 36:1}

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