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{Genesis 30:33} So shall my righteousness 6666 answer 6030 z8804 for me in time 3117 to come, 4279 when x3588 it shall come 935 z8799 for x5921 my hire 7939 before thy face: 6440 every one 3605 that x834 [is] not x369 speckled 5348 and spotted 2921 z8803 among the goats, 5795 and brown 2345 among the sheep, 3775 that x1931 shall be counted stolen 1589 z8803 with x854 me.
"Whereasª thou hast searchedª°¹ all¹ my stuff,ª what¹ hast thou foundª° of all¹¹ thy householdª stuff?ª setª° [it] hereª before¹ my brethrenª and thy brethren,ª that they may judgeª° betwixtª us both.ª" {Gen 31:37} + "The LORDª renderª° to every manª¹ his righteousnessª and his faithfulness:ª for¹ the LORDª deliveredª° thee into [my] handª to day,ª but I wouldª° not¹ stretch forthª° mine handª against the LORD'Sª anointed.ª" {1Sm 26:23} + "The LORDª rewardedª° me according to my righteousness:ª according to the cleannessª of my handsª hath he recompensedª° me." {2Sm 22:21} + "And he shall bring forthª° thy righteousnessª as the light,ª and thy judgmentª as the noonday.ª" {Psa 37:6}
"For¹ our transgressionsª are multipliedª° before¹ thee, and our sinsª testifyª° against us: for¹ our transgressionsª [are] with¹ us; and [as for] our iniquities,ª we knowª° them;" {Isa 59:12}
in time to come:
Heb. to-morrow, "And it shall be¹ when¹ thy sonª askethª° thee in time to come,ª saying,ª° What¹ [is] this?¹ that thou shalt sayª° unto¹ him, By strengthª of handª the LORDª brought us outª° from Egypt,ª¹ from the houseª¹ of bondage:ª" {Exd 13:14}
that shall be:
Supply the ellipsis by inserting "if found," after "stolen," and the sense will be clear.

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