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{Genesis 30:20} And Leah 3812 said, 559 z8799 God 430 hath endued 2064 z8804 me [with] a good 2896 dowry; 2065 now 6471 will my husband 376 dwell y2082 z8799 with x2082 me, because x3588 I have born 3205 z8804 him six 8337 sons: 1121 and she called 7121 z8799 x853 his name 8034 Zebulun. 2074
am cir, 2258, bc cir, 1746
now will:
"And she saidª° unto her, [Is it] a small matterª that thou hast takenª°¹ my husband?ª and wouldest thou take awayª°¹ my son'sª mandrakesª also?¹ And Rachelª said,ª° Therefore¹ he shall lieª° with¹ thee to nightª forª thy son'sª mandrakes.ª" {Gen 30:15} + "And she conceived¹ again,²°¹ and bareª° a son;ª and said,ª° Now¹ this timeª will my husbandª be joinedª° unto¹ me, because¹ I have bornª° him threeª sons:ª therefore¹¹ was his nameª calledª° Levi.ª" {Gen 29:34}
and she:
"The sonsª of Leah;ª Reuben,ª Jacob'sª firstborn,ª and Simeon,ª and Levi,ª and Judah,ª and Issachar,ª and Zebulun:ª" {Gen 35:23} + "And the sonsª of Zebulun;ª Sered,ª and Elon,ª and Jahleel.ª" {Gen 46:14} + "Zebulunª shall dwellª° at the havenª of the sea;ª and he¹ [shall be] for an havenª of ships;ª and his borderª [shall be] unto¹ Zidon.ª" {Gen 49:13} + "And Barakª calledª°¹ Zebulunª and Naphtaliª to Kedesh;ª and he went upª° with tenª thousandª menª at his feet:ª and Deborahª went upª° with¹ him." {Jdg 4:10} + "Out of¹ Ephraimª [was there] a rootª of them against Amalek;ª afterª thee, Benjamin,ª among thy people;ª out of¹ Machirª came downª° governors,ª° and out of Zebulunª¹ they that handleª° the penª of the writer.ª°" {Jdg 5:14} + "There¹ [is] littleª Benjaminª [with] their ruler,ª° the princesª of Judahª [and] their council,ª the princesª of Zebulun,ª [and] the princesª of Naphtali.ª" {Psa 68:27}
that is, Dwelling, "Andª leavingª° Nazareth,ª he cameª° and dweltª° inª Capernaum,ª which² is upon the sea coast,ª inª the bordersª of Zabulonª andª Nephthalim:ª" {Mtt 4:13}, Zabulon

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