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{Genesis 27:45} Until x5704 thy brother's 251 anger 639 turn away 7725 z8800 from x4480 thee, and he forget 7911 z8804 x853 [that] which x834 thou hast done 6213 z8804 to him: then I will send, 7971 z8804 and fetch 3947 z8804 thee from thence: x4480 x8033 why 4100 should I be deprived 7921 z8799 also x1571 of you both 8147 in one 259 day? 3117
then I:
"[There are] manyª devicesª in a man'sª heart;ª nevertheless the counselª of the LORD,ª that¹ shall stand.ª°" {Prv 19:21} + "Who¹ [is] he¹ [that] saith,ª° and it cometh to pass,¹ [when] the Lordª commandethª° [it] not?¹" {Lam 3:37} + "Go toª° now,ª ye that say,ª° To dayª orª to morrowª we will goª° intoª suchª a city,ª andª continueª°°° thereª aª year,ª andª buy and sell,ª°°° andª get gain:ª°°° ... For¹ that² yeª [ought] to say,ª° Ifª the¹ Lordª will,ª°² we shall¹ live,ª°°° andª doª°°° this,ª orª that.ª" {Jms 4:13-15}
"And Cainª talkedª° withª Abelª his brother:ª and it came to pass,¹ when they were¹ in the field,ª that Cainª rose upª° againstª Abelª his brother,ª and slew¹ him.²° ... And Cainª went outª° from the presenceª¹ of the LORD,ª and dweltª° in the landª of Nod,ª on the eastª of Eden.ª" {Gen 4:8-16} + "And surelyª¹ your bloodª of your livesª will I require;ª° at the handª¹ of every¹ beastª will I require¹ it,²° and at the handª¹ of man;ª at the handª¹ of every man'sª brotherª will I requireª°¹ the lifeª of man.ª ... Whoso sheddethª° man'sª blood,ª by manª shall his bloodª be shed:ª° for¹ in the imageª of Godª madeª° he¹ man.ª" {Gen 9:5-6} + "And thy handmaidª had twoª sons,ª and they twoª strove togetherª° in the field,ª and [there was] none¹ to partª°¹ them, but the oneª smoteª°¹ the other,ª and slewª° him. ... And, behold,¹ the whole¹ familyª is risenª° against¹ thine handmaid,ª and they said,ª° Deliverª°¹ him that smoteª° his brother,ª that we may killª° him, for the lifeª of his brotherª whom¹ he slew;ª° and we will destroyª°¹ the heirª° also:¹ and so they shall quenchª°¹ my coalª which¹ is left,²°¹ and shall not¹ leaveª° to my husbandª [neither] nameª nor remainderª uponª¹ the earth.ª" {2Sm 14:6-7} + "Andª whenª the¹ barbariansª sawª° the¹ [venomous] beastª hangª° onª his²¹ hand,ª they saidª° amongª themselves,ª No doubtª thisª manª isª° a murderer,ª whom,ª though he hath escapedª°² the¹ sea,ª yet vengeanceª sufferethª° notª to live.ª°" {Act 28:4}

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