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{Genesis 27:42} And x853 these words 1697 of Esau 6215 her elder 1419 son 1121 were told 5046 z8714 to Rebekah: 7259 and she sent 7971 z8799 and called 7121 z8799 Jacob 3290 her younger 6996 son, 1121 and said 559 z8799 unto x413 him, Behold, x2009 thy brother 251 Esau, 6215 as touching thee, doth comfort y5162 z8693 himself, x5162 [purposing] to kill 2026 z8800 thee.
comfort himself:
"And when they sawª° him afar off,ª¹ even before¹ he came nearª° unto¹ them, they conspiredª° against him to slayª° him. ... Come²°¹ now¹ therefore, and let us slayª° him, and castª° him into someª pit,ª and we will say,ª° Some evilª beastª hath devouredª° him: and we shall seeª° what¹ will become¹ of his dreams.ª" {Gen 37:18-20} + "And they saidª° oneª to¹ another,ª We¹ [are] verilyª guiltyª concerning¹ our brother,ª in thatª we sawª° the anguishª of his soul,ª when he besoughtª°¹ us, and we would not¹ hear;ª° therefore¹¹ is this¹ distressª comeª° upon¹ us. ... And Reubenª answeredª° them, saying,ª° Spake¹ I²° not¹ unto¹ you, saying,ª° Do not¹ sinª° against the child;ª and ye would not¹ hear?ª° therefore, behold,¹ also¹ his bloodª is required.ª°" {Gen 42:21-22} + "And David'sª twoª wivesª were taken captives,ª° Ahinoamª the Jezreelitess,ª and Abigailª the wifeª of Nabalª the Carmelite.ª" {1Sm 30:5} + "Though¹ wickednessª be sweetª° in his mouth,ª [though] he hideª° it under¹ his tongue;ª ... [Yet] his meatª in his bowelsª is turned,ª° [it is] the gallª of aspsª withinª him." {Job 20:12-14} + "They encourageª° themselves [in] an evilª matter:ª they communeª° of laying²° snares² privily;ª°¹ they say,ª° Who¹ shall seeª° them?" {Psa 64:5} + "Who rejoiceª to doª° evil,ª [and] delight²° in¹ the frowardnessª of the wicked;ª" {Prv 2:14} + "For¹ they sleepª° not,¹ except¹¹ they have done mischief;ª° and their sleepª is taken away,ª° unless¹¹ they cause [some] to fall.ª°°° ... For¹ they eatª° the breadª of wickedness,ª and drinkª° the wineª of violence.ª" {Prv 4:16-17}

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