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{Genesis 26:12} Then Isaac 3327 sowed 2232 z8799 in that x1931 land, 776 and received 4672 z8799 in the same x1931 year 8141 an hundredfold: 3967 8180 and the LORD 3068 blessed 1288 z8762 him.
The author of the "History of the Piratical States of Barbary" observes (p. 44), that the Moors of that country are divided into tribes like the Arabians, and like them dwell in tents, formed into itinerant villages; that "these wanderers farm lands of the inhabitants of the towns, sow and cultivate them, paying their rent with the produce, such as fruits, corn, wax, etc. They are very skilful in choosing the most advantageous soils for every season, and very careful to avoid the Turkish troops, the violence of the one little suiting the simplicity of the other." It is natural to suppose, that Isaac possessed the like sagacity, when he sowed in the land of Gerar, and received that year an hundred-fold.
Heb. found
an hundredfold:
"[Then] shall the earthª yieldª° her increase;ª [and] God,ª [even] our own God,ª shall blessª° us." {Psa 67:6} + "There shall be¹ an handfulª of cornª in the earthª upon the topª of the mountains;ª the fruitª thereof shall shakeª° like Lebanon:ª and [they] of the cityª¹ shall flourishª° like grassª of the earth.ª" {Psa 72:16} + "In the morningª sowª°¹ thy seed,ª and in the eveningª withhold²°¹ not¹ thine hand:ª for¹ thou knowestª° not¹ whetherª¹ shall prosper,ª° either this¹ or¹ that,¹ or whether¹ they bothª [shall be] alikeª good.ª" {Ecc 11:6} + "For¹ the seedª [shall be] prosperous;ª the vineª shall giveª° her fruit,ª and the groundª shall giveª°¹ her increase,ª and the heavensª shall giveª° their dew;ª and I will cause¹ the remnantª of this¹ peopleª to possessª°¹ all¹ these¹ [things]." {Zch 8:12} + "Butª otherª fellª° intoª goodª ground,ª andª brought forthª° fruit,ª someªª an hundredfold,ªª someª sixtyfold,ªª someª thirtyfold.ª" {Mtt 13:8} + "Butª he that received seedª° intoª the¹ goodª groundª isª° he² that hearethª° the¹ word,ª andª understandethª° [it]; whichª alsoª beareth fruit,ª° andª bringeth forth,ª° someª²¹ an hundredfold,ªª some²¹ sixty,ªª some²¹ thirty.ª" {Mtt 13:23} + "Andª otherª fellª° onª goodª ground,ª andª did yieldª° fruitª that sprang upª° andª increased;ª° andª brought forth,ª° someª thirty,ª andª someª sixty,ª andª someª an hundred.ª" {Mrk 4:8} + "Iª have planted,ª° Apollosª watered;ª° butª Godª gave the increase.ª°" {1Co 3:6} + "Nowª he that ministerethª° seedª to the¹ sowerª° bothª ministerª° breadª forª [your] food,ª andª multiplyª° yourª seed sown,ª andª increaseª° the¹ fruitsª of yourª righteousness;)ª ... Being enrichedª° inª every thingª toª allª bountifulness,ª whichª causethª° throughª usª thanksgivingª to God.ª" {2Co 9:10-11} + "Be²° notª deceived;ª° Godª is²° notª mocked:ª° forª whatsoeverªª a manª soweth,ª° thatª shall he²° alsoª reap.ª° ... For²¹ he that sowethª° toª hisª fleshª shall²° ofª the¹ fleshª reapª° corruption;ª butª he that sowethª° toª the¹ Spiritª shall²° ofª the¹ Spiritª reapª° lifeª everlasting.ª" {Gal 6:7-8}
"Sojournª° in this¹ land,ª and I will be¹ with¹ thee, and will blessª° thee; for¹ unto thee, and unto thy seed,ª I will giveª°¹ all¹ theseª countries,ª and I will performª°¹ the oathª which¹ I swareª° unto Abrahamª thy father;ª" {Gen 26:3} + "That¹ thou wilt doª° us no hurt,ª as¹ we have not¹ touchedª° thee, and as¹ we have doneª° unto¹ thee nothing butª good,ª and have sent thee awayª° in peace:ª thou¹ [art] nowª the blessedª° of the LORD.ª" {Gen 26:29} + "And Abrahamª was old,ª° [and] well strickenª° in age:ª and the LORDª had blessedª°¹ Abrahamª in all things.¹" {Gen 24:1} + "And the LORDª hath blessedª°¹ my masterª greatly;ª and he is become great:ª° and he hath givenª° him flocks,ª and herds,ª and silver,ª and gold,ª and menservants,ª and maidservants,ª and camels,ª and asses.ª" {Gen 24:35} + "For¹ [it was] littleª which¹ thou hadst¹ before¹ I² [came], and it is [now] increasedª° unto a multitude;ª and the LORDª hath blessedª° thee since my coming:ª and now¹ whenª shall I¹ provideª° for mine own houseª also?¹" {Gen 30:30} + "So the LORDª blessedª°¹ the latter endª of Jobª more than his beginning:ª¹ for he had¹ fourteenªª thousandª sheep,ª and sixª thousandª camels,ª and a thousandª yokeª of oxen,ª and a thousandª she asses.ª" {Job 42:12}

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