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{Genesis 22:14} And Abraham 85 called 7121 z8799 the name 8034 of that x1931 place 4725 Jehovahjireh: 3070 as 834 it is said 559 z8735 [to] this day, 3117 In the mount 2022 of the LORD 3068 it shall be seen. 7200 z8735
"And she calledª° the nameª of the LORDª that spakeª° unto¹ her, Thou¹ Godª seest¹ me:² for¹ she said,ª° Have I also¹ hereª lookedª° after¹ him² that seeth¹ me?² ... Wherefore¹¹ the wellª was calledª° Beerlahairoi;ª² behold,¹ [it is] between¹ Kadeshª and Bered.ª" {Gen 16:13-14} + "And he calledª°¹ the nameª of that¹ placeª Bethel:ª butª the nameª of that cityª [was called] Luzª at the first.ª" {Gen 28:19} + "And Jacobª calledª° the nameª of the placeª Peniel:ª for¹ I have seenª° Godª faceª to¹ face,ª and my lifeª is preserved.ª°" {Gen 32:30} + "And Mosesª builtª° an altar,ª and calledª° the nameª of it Jehovahnissi:ª" {Exd 17:15} + "Then Gideonª builtª° an altarª there¹ unto the LORD,ª and calledª° it Jehovahshalom:ª unto¹ this¹ dayª it [is] yet¹ in Ophrahª of the Abiezrites.ª" {Jdg 6:24} + "Then Samuelª tookª° aª stone,ª and setª° [it] between¹ Mizpehª and Shen,ª and calledª°¹ the nameª of it Ebenezer,ª saying,ª° Hitherto¹¹ hath the LORDª helpedª° us." {1Sm 7:12} + "[It was] round aboutª eighteenªª thousandª [measures]: and the nameª of the cityª from [that] dayª¹ [shall be], The LORD¹ [is] there.²¹" {Ezk 48:35}
i.e. The Lord will see, or provide, "And Abrahamª said,ª° My son,ª Godª will provideª° himself a lambª for a burnt offering:ª so they went²°¹ both¹ of them² together.ª" {Gen 22:8} + "And Abrahamª lifted upª°¹ his eyes,ª and looked,ª° and behold¹ behindª [him] a ramª caughtª° in a thicketª by his horns:ª and Abrahamª went²°¹ and tookª°¹ the ram,ª and offered him upª° for a burnt offeringª in the stead² of¹ his son.ª" {Gen 22:13} + "And Mosesª builtª° an altar,ª and calledª° the nameª of it Jehovahnissi:ª" {Exd 17:15}
"For¹ the LORDª shall judgeª° his people,ª and repent²° himself¹ for¹ his servants,ª when¹ he seethª° that¹ [their] powerª is gone,ª° and [there is] noneª shut up,ª° or left.ª°" {Deu 32:36} + "Our fathersª trustedª° in thee: they trusted,ª° and thou didst deliverª° them. ... They criedª° unto¹ thee, and were delivered:ª° they trustedª° in thee, and were not¹ confounded.ª°" {Psa 22:4-5} + "Ifª it be¹ [so], our Godª whom¹ weª serveª° is² ableª° to deliverª° us fromª the burningª° fieryª furnace,ª and²° he will deliverª° [us] out ofª thine hand,ª O king.ª ... He answeredª° and said,ª° Lo,ª Iª seeª° fourª menª loose,ª° walkingª° in the midstª of the fire,ª and they haveª noª hurt;ª and the formª of¹ the fourthª is likeª° the Sonª of God.ª" {Dan 3:17-25} + "Be in pain,ª° and labour to bring forth,ª° O daughterª of Zion,ª like a woman in travail:ª° for¹ now¹ shalt thou go forthª° out of the city,ª¹ and thou shalt dwellª° in the field,ª and thou shalt goª° [even] to¹ Babylon;ª there¹ shalt thou be delivered;ª° there¹ the LORDª shall redeemª° thee from the handª¹ of thine enemies.ª°" {Mic 4:10} + "Andª the¹ Wordª was madeª° flesh,ª andª dweltª° amongª us,ª (andª we beheldª° hisª glory,ª the gloryª asª of the only begottenª ofª the Father,)ª fullª of graceª andª truth.ª" {Jhn 1:14} + "Forª we wouldª° not,ª brethren,ª have²° you² ignorantª°¹ ofª ourª troubleª which² cameª° to usª inª Asia,ª thatª we were pressed²¹ out²° of measure,ª¹ aboveª strength,ª insomuch² that¹ weª despairedª° evenª of life:ª° ... Whoª deliveredª° usª fromª so greatª a death,ª andª doth deliver:ª° inª whomª we trustª° thatª he willª²° yetª deliverª° [us];" {2Co 1:8-10} + "Andª without controversyª greatª isª° the¹ mysteryª of godliness:ª Godª was manifestª° inª the flesh,ª justifiedª° inª the Spirit,ª seenª° of angels,ª preachedª° untoª the Gentiles,ª believed onª° inª the world,ª received upª° intoª glory.ª" {1Tm 3:16}
it shall be seen:
"In the mount of the Lord it shall be provided." The meaning is, that God, in the greatest difficulties, when all human assistance is vain, will make a suitable provision for the deliverance of those who trust in Him.

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