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{Genesis 20:11} And Abraham 85 said, 559 z8799 Because x3588 I thought, 559 z8804 Surely 7535 the fear 3374 of God 430 [is] not x369 in this x2088 place; 4725 and they will slay x2026 me y2026 z8804 for x5921 my wife's 802 sake. 1697
"And he said,ª° Layª° not¹ thine handª uponª the lad,ª neither¹ do¹ thou²° any thingª unto him: for¹ nowª I knowª° that¹ thou¹ fearestª God,ª seeing thou hast notª withheldª°¹ thy son,ª¹ thine onlyª [son] from¹ me." {Gen 22:12} + "And Josephª saidª° unto¹ them the thirdª day,ª This¹ do,ª° and live;ª° [for] I¹ fearª¹ God:ª" {Gen 42:18} + "But the formerª governorsª that¹ [had been] beforeª me were chargeableª° unto¹ the people,ª and had takenª° of¹ them breadª and wine,ª besideª fortyª shekelsª of silver;ª yea,¹ even² their servantsª bare ruleª° over¹ the people:ª but so¹ didª° not¹ I,¹ becauseª¹ of the fearª of God.ª" {Neh 5:15} + "There was¹ a manª in the landª of Uz,ª whose nameª [was] Job;ª and that¹ manª was¹ perfectª and upright,ª and one that fearedª God,ª and eschewedª° evil.ª¹" {Job 1:1} + "And unto manª he said,ª° Behold,¹ the fearª of the Lord,ª that¹ [is] wisdom;ª and to departª° from evilª¹ [is] understanding.ª" {Job 28:28} + "Have all¹ the workersª° of iniquityª no¹ knowledge?ª° who eat upª° my peopleª [as] they eatª° bread,ª and callª° not¹ upon the LORD.ª" {Psa 14:4} + "[[To the chief Musician,ª° [A Psalm] of Davidª the servantª of the LORD.]]ª The transgressionª of the wickedª saithª° withinª my heart,ª [that there is] no¹ fearª of Godª before¹ his eyes.ª ... He devisethª° mischiefª upon¹ his bed;ª he setteth²° himself¹ in¹ a wayª [that is] not¹ good;ª he abhorrethª° not¹ evil.ª" {Psa 36:1-4} + "The fearª of the LORDª [is] the beginningª of knowledge:ª [but] foolsª despiseª° wisdomª and instruction.ª" {Prv 1:7} + "Then¹ shalt thou understandª° the fearª of the LORD,ª and findª° the knowledgeª of God.ª" {Prv 2:5} + "The fearª of the LORDª [is] to hateª° evil:ª pride,ª and arrogancy,ª and the evilª way,ª and the frowardª mouth,ª do I hate.ª°" {Prv 8:13} + "By mercyª and truthª iniquityª is purged:ª° and by the fearª of the LORDª [men] departª° from evil.ª¹" {Prv 16:6} + "There isª° noª fearª of Godª beforeª their²¹ eyes.ª" {Rom 3:18}
"Therefore it shall come to pass,¹ when¹ the Egyptiansª shall seeª° thee, that they shall say,ª° This¹ [is] his wife:ª and they will killª° me, but they will save thee alive.ª°" {Gen 12:12} + "And the men²¹ of the placeª askedª° [him] of his wife;ª and he said,ª° She¹ [is] my sister:ª for¹ he fearedª° to say,ª° [She is] my wife;ª lest,¹ [said he], the men²¹ of the placeª should killª° me for¹ Rebekah;ª because¹ she¹ [was] fairª to look upon.ª" {Gen 26:7}

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