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{Genesis 19:15} And when 3644 the morning 7837 arose, 5927 z8804 then the angels 4397 hastened 213 z8686 Lot, 3876 saying, 559 z8800 Arise, 6965 z8798 take 3947 z8798 x853 thy wife, 802 and thy two 8147 daughters, 1323 which are here; 4672 z8737 lest x6435 thou be consumed 5595 z8735 in the iniquity 5771 of the city. 5892
"And it came to pass,¹ when they had brought them forthª°¹ abroad,ª that he said,ª° Escapeª° forª thy life;ª lookª° not¹ behind¹ thee,² neither¹ stayª° thou in all¹ the plain;ª escapeª° to the mountain,ª lest¹ thou be consumed.ª°" {Gen 19:17} + "Hasteª° thee, escapeª° thither;¹ for¹ I cannotª°¹ doª° any thingª till¹ thou be comeª° thither.¹ Therefore¹¹ the nameª of the cityª was calledª° Zoar.ª" {Gen 19:22} + "Speakª° unto¹ the congregation,ª saying,ª° Get you upª° from aboutª¹ the tabernacleª of Korah,ª Dathan,ª and Abiram.ª ... So they gat upª° from¹¹ the tabernacleª of Korah,ª Dathan,ª and Abiram,ª on every side:ª¹ and Dathanª and Abiramª came out,ª° and stoodª° in the doorª of their tents,ª and their wives,ª and their sons,ª and their little children.ª" {Num 16:24-27} + "Giveª° not¹ sleepª to thine eyes,ª nor slumberª to thine eyelids.ª ... Deliver²° thyself¹ as a roeª from the handª¹ [of the hunter], and as a birdª from the handª¹ of the fowler.ª" {Prv 6:4-5} + "Striveª° to enter inª° atª the¹ straitª gate:ª forª many,ª I sayª° unto you,ª will seekª° to enter in,ª° andª shall²° notª be able.ª° ... When onceªªª the¹ master of the houseª is risen up,ª° andª hath shut²° to¹ the¹ door,ª andª ye beginª° to standª° without,ª andª to knockª° at the¹ door,ª saying,ª° Lord,ª Lord,ª openª° unto us;ª andª he shall answerª° and sayª° unto you,ª I knowª° youª notª whenceª ye are:ª°" {Lke 13:24-25} + "(Forª he saith,ª° I have heardª° theeª in a timeª accepted,ª andª inª the dayª of salvationª have I succouredª° thee:ª behold,ª° nowª [is] the acceptedª time;ª behold,ª° nowª [is] the dayª of salvation.)ª" {2Co 6:2} + "Whereforeª (asª the¹ Holyª Ghostª saith,ª° To dayª ifª ye will hearª° hisª voice,ª ... Hardenª° notª yourª hearts,ª asª inª the¹ provocation,ª inª the¹ dayª of temptationª inª the¹ wilderness:ª" {Hbr 3:7-8} + "Andª I heardª° anotherª voiceª fromª heaven,ª saying,ª° Comeª° out ofª her,ª myª people,ª that²°¹ ye be²° not² partakersª°¹ of her²¹ sins,ª andª that²°¹ ye receiveª° not²¹ ofª her²¹ plagues.ª" {Rev 18:4}
are here:
Heb. are found
or, punishment

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