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{Genesis 18:22} And the men y582 x376 turned their faces 6437 z8799 from thence, x4480 x8033 and went y3212 z8799 x1980 toward Sodom: 5467 but Abraham 85 stood 5975 z8802 yet 5750 before 6440 the LORD. 3068
the men:
"And he lift upª° his eyesª and looked,ª° and, lo,¹ threeª men²¹ stoodª° by¹ him: and when he sawª° [them], he ranª° to meetª° them from the tent² door,ª¹¹ and bowed²° himself¹ toward the ground,ª" {Gen 18:2} + "And there cameª° twoª angelsª to Sodomª at even;ª and Lotª satª° in the gateª of Sodom:ª and Lotª seeingª° [them] rose upª° to meetª° them; and he bowed²° himself¹ with his faceª toward the ground;ª" {Gen 19:1}
The two, whom we suppose to have been created angels, departed at this time; and accordingly two entered Sodom at evening: while the one, called Jehovah throughout the chapter, continued with Abraham, who "stood yet before the Lord." - Scott. "And the LORDª appearedª° unto¹ him in the plainsª of Mamre:ª and he¹ satª° in the tentª doorª in the heatª of the day;ª" {Gen 18:1} + "Therefore he saidª° that he would destroyª° them, had notª Mosesª his chosenª stoodª° beforeª him in the breach,ª to turn awayª° his wrath,ª lest he should destroyª°¹ [them]." {Psa 106:23} + "Then saidª° the LORDª unto¹ me, Though¹ Mosesª and Samuelª stoodª° beforeª me, [yet] my mindª [could] not¹ [be] toward¹ this¹ people:ª cast¹ [them] out²° of¹¹ my sight,ª and let them go forth.ª°" {Jer 15:1} + "Shall evilª be recompensedª° for¹ good?ª for¹ they have diggedª° a pitª for my soul.ª Rememberª° that I stoodª° beforeª thee to speakª° goodª for¹ them, [and] to turn awayª°¹ thy wrathª from¹ them." {Jer 18:20} + "And I soughtª° for a manª among¹ them, that should make upª° the hedge,ª and standª° in the gapª beforeª me for¹ the land,ª that I should not¹ destroyª° it: but I foundª° none.¹" {Ezk 22:30} + "Butª he, beingª° fullª of the Holyª Ghost,ª looked up stedfastlyª° intoª heaven,ª and sawª° the gloryª of God,ª andª Jesusª standingª° onª the right handª of God,ª" {Act 7:55} + "I exhortª° therefore,ª that, firstª of all,ª supplications,ª prayers,ª intercessions,ª [and] giving of thanks,ª be madeª° forª allª men;ª" {1Tm 2:1}

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