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{Genesis 18:5} And I will fetch 3947 z8799 a morsel 6595 of bread, 3899 and comfort x5582 ye y5582 z8798 your hearts; 3820 after that 310 ye shall pass on: 5674 z8799 for x3588 therefore x5921 x3651 are ye come 5674 z8804 to 5921 your servant. 5650 And they said, y1696 z8765 x559 So x3651 do, 6213 z8799 as x834 thou hast said. y559 z8799 x1696
And I:
"Departª° not¹ hence,¹¹ I pray thee,¹ until¹ I comeª° unto¹ thee, and bring forthª°¹ my present,ª and set²°¹ [it] beforeª thee. And he said,ª° I¹ will tarryª° until¹ thou come again.ª°" {Jdg 6:18} + "And Manoahª saidª° unto¹ the angelª of the LORD,ª I pray thee,¹ let us detainª° thee, until we shall have made readyª° a kidªª forª thee." {Jdg 13:15} + "Giveª° usª this dayª ourª dailyª bread.ª" {Mtt 6:11}
This was the third requisite, and is introduced in its proper order; as eating immediately after exertion or fatigue is very unwholesome.
Heb. stay, "And it came to pass¹ on the fourthª day,ª when they arose earlyª° in the morning,ª that he rose upª° to depart:²°¹ and the damsel'sª fatherª saidª° unto¹ his son in law,ª Comfortª° thine heartª with a morselª of bread,ª and afterwardª go your way.²°¹" {Jdg 19:5} + "And wineª [that] maketh gladª° the heartª of man,ª [and] oilª¹ to make [his] faceª to shine,ª° and breadª [which] strengthenethª° man'sª heart.ª" {Psa 104:15} + "For,¹ behold,¹ the Lord,ª the LORDª of hosts,ª doth take awayª° from Jerusalemª¹ and from Judahª¹ the stayª and the staff,ª the whole¹ stayª of bread,ª and the wholeª stayª of water,ª" {Isa 3:1}
are ye come:
Heb. ye have passed, "Behold¹ now,¹ I have twoª daughtersª which¹ have not¹ knownª° man;ª let me, I pray you,¹ bring them outª°¹ unto¹ you, and doª° ye to them as [is] goodª in your eyes:ª only¹ unto theseª men²¹ doª° nothing;ªª for¹ therefore¹¹ cameª° they under the shadowª of my roof.ª" {Gen 19:8} + "And Jacobª said,ª° Nay,¹ I pray thee,¹ if¹ now¹ I have foundª° graceª in thy sight,ª then receiveª° my presentª at my hand:ª¹ for¹ therefore¹¹ I have seenª° thy face,ª as though I had seenª° the faceª of God,ª and thou wast pleased¹ with me.²°" {Gen 33:10}

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