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{Genesis 13:9} [Is] not x3808 the whole x3605 land 776 before x6440 thee? y6440 separate thyself, 6504 z8734 I pray thee, x4994 from x4480 x5921 me: if x518 [thou wilt take] the left hand, 8040 then I will go to the right; 3231 z8686 or if x518 [thou depart] to the right hand, 3225 then I will go to the left. 8041 z8686
Is not:
"And Abimelechª said,ª° Behold,¹ my landª [is] before¹ thee:² dwellª° where it pleasethªª thee." {Gen 20:15} + "And ye shall dwellª° with¹ us: and the landª shall beª° before¹ you;² dwellª° and tradeª° ye therein, and get you possessionsª° therein." {Gen 34:10}
if thou wilt:
"I¹ [am for] peace:ª but when¹ I speak,ª° they¹ [are] for war.ª" {Psa 120:7} + "Ifª it be possible,ª as much as lieth in² you,ª¹ live peaceablyª° withª allª men.ª" {Rom 12:18} + "Nowª therefore²² there¹¹ isª° utterlyª a faultª amongª you,ª becauseª ye go²° to lawª¹ one with² another.ª¹ Whyª do ye²° notª ratherª take wrong?ª° whyª do ye²° notª ratherª [suffer yourselves to] be defrauded?ª°" {1Co 6:7} + "Followª° peaceª withª allª [men], andª holiness,ª withoutª whichª no manª shall seeª° the¹ Lord:ª" {Hbr 12:14} + "Whoª [is] a wise manª andª endued with knowledgeª amongª you?ª let him shewª° out ofª a goodª conversationª his²¹ worksª withª meeknessª of wisdom.ª ... Andª the fruitª of righteousnessª is sownª° inª peaceª of them¹ that makeª° peace.ª" {Jms 3:13-18} + "Finally,ª² [be ye] allª of one mind,ª having compassion one of another,ª love as brethren,ª [be] pitiful,ª [be] courteous:ª ... Forª the¹ eyesª of the Lordª [are] overª the righteous,ª andª hisª earsª [are open] untoª theirª prayers:ª butª the faceª of the Lordª [is] againstª them that doª° evil.ª" {1Pe 3:8-12}

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