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{Genesis 12:8} And he removed 6275 z8686 from thence x4480 x8033 unto a mountain 2022 on the east 6924 x4480 of Bethel, 1008 and pitched 5186 z8799 his tent, 168 [having] Bethel 1008 on the west, 3220 x4480 and Hai 5857 on the east: 6924 x4480 and there x8033 he builded 1129 z8799 an altar 4196 unto the LORD, 3068 and called 7121 z8799 upon the name 8034 of the LORD. 3068
of Bethel:
"And he calledª°¹ the nameª of that¹ placeª Bethel:ª butª the nameª of that cityª [was called] Luzª at the first.ª" {Gen 28:19} + "And let us arise,ª° and go upª° to Bethel;ª and I will makeª° there¹ an altarª unto God,ª who answeredª° me in the dayª of my distress,ª and was¹ with¹ me in the wayª which¹ I went.ª°" {Gen 35:3} + "And Jacobª calledª°¹ the nameª of the placeª where¹ Godª spakeª° with¹ him, Bethel.ª ... And they journeyedª° from Bethel;ª¹ and there was¹ butª a little² wayª¹ to comeª° to Ephrath:ª and Rachelª travailed,ª° and she had hardª° labour.ª°" {Gen 35:15-16} + "And there was not¹ a manª leftª° in Aiª or Bethel,ª that¹ went not outª°¹ afterª Israel:ª and they leftª°¹ the cityª open,ª° and pursuedª° after¹ Israel.ª" {Jsh 8:17} + "And Betharabah,ª and Zemaraim,ª and Bethel,ª" {Jsh 18:22} + "The childrenª also of Benjaminª from Gebaª¹ [dwelt] at Michmash,ª and Aija,ª and Bethel,ª and [in] their villages,ª" {Neh 11:31}
"And Joshuaª sentª° men²¹ from Jerichoª¹ to Ai,ª which¹ [is] besideª Bethaven,ª on the east sideª¹ of Bethel,ª and spakeª° unto¹ them, saying,ª° Go upª° and viewª°¹ the country.ª And the men²¹ went upª° and viewedª°¹ Ai.ª" {Jsh 7:2} + "So Joshuaª arose,ª° and all¹ the peopleª of war,ª to go upª° against Ai:ª and Joshuaª chose outª° thirtyª thousandª mightyª menª of valour,ª and sent them awayª° by night.ª" {Jsh 8:3}, Ai, "The childrenª also of Benjaminª from Gebaª¹ [dwelt] at Michmash,ª and Aija,ª and Bethel,ª and [in] their villages,ª" {Neh 11:31}, Aija, "He is comeª° to¹ Aiath,ª he is passedª° to Migron;ª at Michmashª he hath laid upª° his carriages:ª" {Isa 10:28}, Aiath
"And to Seth,ª to himª also¹ there was bornª° a son;ª and he calledª°¹ his nameª Enos:ª then¹ began¹ men²° to callª° upon the nameª of the LORD.ª" {Gen 4:26} + "Unto¹ the placeª of the altar,ª which¹ he had madeª° there¹ at the first:ª and there¹ Abramª calledª° on the nameª of the LORD.ª" {Gen 13:4} + "And [Abraham] plantedª° a groveª in Beersheba,ª and calledª° there¹ on the nameª of the LORD,ª the everlastingª God.ª" {Gen 21:33} + "Then calledª° I upon the nameª of the LORD;ª O LORD,ª I beseechª thee, deliverª° my soul.ª" {Psa 116:4} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ [that] whosoever¹¹ shall callª° on the nameª of the LORDª shall be delivered:ª° for¹ in mountª Zionª and in Jerusalemª shall be¹ deliverance,ª as¹ the LORDª hath said,ª° and in the remnantª whom¹ the LORDª shall call.ª°" {Jol 2:32} + "Andª it shall come to pass,ª° [that] whosoeverªªª shall call onª° the¹ nameª of the Lordª shall be saved.ª°" {Act 2:21} + "Forª there isª° noª differenceª betweenª the Jewª andª the Greek:ª forª the¹ sameª Lordª over allª is richª° untoª allª that call uponª° him.ª ... Howª thenª shall they call onª° him inª whomª they have²° notª believed?ª° andª howª shall they believe¹ in²° him of whomª they have²° notª heard?ª° andª howª shall they hearª° withoutª a preacher?ª°" {Rom 10:12-14} + "Unto the¹ churchª of Godª which² isª° atª Corinth,ª to them that are sanctifiedª° inª Christª Jesus,ª calledª [to be] saints,ª withª allª that inª everyª placeª call uponª° the¹ nameª of Jesusª Christª ourª Lord,ª bothª theirs²¹ andª ours:ª" {1Co 1:2}

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