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{Genesis 11:27} Now these x428 [are] the generations 8435 of Terah: 8646 Terah 8646 begat 3205 z8689 x853 Abram, 87 x853 Nahor, 5152 and Haran; 2039 and Haran 2039 begat 3205 z8689 x853 Lot. 3876
am 2008, bc 1996
"And Terahª tookª°¹ Abramª his son,ª and Lotª the sonª of Haranª his son'sª son,ª and Saraiª his daughter in law,ª his sonª Abram'sª wife;ª and they went forthª° with¹ them from Urª¹ of the Chaldees,ª to go²°¹ into the landª of Canaan;ª and they cameª° unto¹ Haran,ª and dweltª° there.¹" {Gen 11:31} + "So Abramª departed,²°¹ as¹ the LORDª had spokenª° unto¹ him; and Lotª went²°¹ with¹ him: and Abramª [was] seventyª² and fiveª yearsª oldª when he departedª° out of Haran.ª¹" {Gen 12:4} + "And Abramª went upª° out of Egypt,ª¹ he,¹ and his wife,ª and all¹ that¹ he had, and Lotª with¹ him, into the south.ª ... Then Lotª choseª° him¹ all¹ the plainª of Jordan;ª and Lotª journeyedª° east:ª¹ and they separated themselvesª° the oneª from¹¹ the other.ª" {Gen 13:1-11} + "And they tookª°¹ Lot,ª Abram'sª brother'sª son,ª who¹ dweltª° in Sodom,ª and his goods,ª and departed.²°¹" {Gen 14:12} + "And there cameª° twoª angelsª to Sodomª at even;ª and Lotª satª° in the gateª of Sodom:ª and Lotª seeingª° [them] rose upª° to meetª° them; and he bowed²° himself¹ with his faceª toward the ground;ª ... And it came to pass,¹ when Godª destroyedª°¹ the citiesª of the plain,ª that Godª rememberedª°¹ Abraham,ª and sentª°¹ Lotª out of the midstª¹ of the overthrow,ª when he overthrewª°¹ the citiesª in the whichª¹ Lotª dwelt.ª°" {Gen 19:1-29} + "Andª deliveredª° justª Lot,ª vexedª° withª the¹ filthy² conversationª¹¹ of the¹ wicked:ª" {2Pe 2:7}

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