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{Genesis 5:32} And Noah 5146 was x1961 five 2568 hundred 3967 years 8141 old: 1121 and Noah 5146 begat 3205 z8686 x853 Shem, 8035 x853 Ham, 2526 and Japheth. 3315
am 1556, bc 2448
"And Noahª begatª° threeª sons,ª¹ Shem,ª¹ Ham,ª and Japheth.ª" {Gen 6:10} + "In the selfsameª¹ dayª enteredª° Noah,ª and Shem,ª and Ham,ª and Japheth,ª the sonsª of Noah,ª and Noah'sª wife,ª and the threeª wivesª of his sonsª with¹ them, into¹ the ark;ª" {Gen 7:13} + "And the sonsª of Noah,ª that went forthª° of¹ the ark,ª were¹ Shem,ª and Ham,ª and Japheth:ª and Hamª² [is] the fatherª of Canaan.ª ... These¹ [are] the threeª sonsª of Noah:ª and of them¹¹ was the whole¹ earthª overspread.ª°" {Gen 9:18-19} + "And Ham,ª the fatherª of Canaan,ª sawª°¹ the nakednessª of his father,ª and toldª° his twoª brethrenª without.ª ... Godª shall enlargeª° Japheth,ª and he shall dwellª° in the tentsª of Shem;ª and Canaanª shall be¹ his servant.ª" {Gen 9:22-27} + "Now these¹ [are] the generationsª of the sonsª of Noah,ª Shem,ª Ham,ª and Japheth:ª and unto them were sonsª bornª° afterª the flood.ª" {Gen 10:1} + "Unto Shemª also, the fatherª of all¹ the childrenª of Eber,ª the brotherª of Japhethª the elder,ª even¹ to him¹ were [children] born.ª°" {Gen 10:21} + "These¹ [are] the familiesª of the sonsª of Noah,ª after their generations,ª in their nations:ª and by these¹¹ were the nationsª dividedª° in the earthª afterª the flood.ª" {Gen 10:32} + "Noah,ª Shem,ª Ham,ª and Japheth.ª ... The sonsª of Abraham;ª Isaac,ª and Ishmael.ª" {1Ch 1:4-28} + "Which was [the son] of Cainan,ª which was [the son] of Arphaxad,ª which was [the son] of Sem,ª which was [the son] of Noe,ª which was [the son] of Lamech,ª" {Lke 3:36}

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