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{Genesis 5:3} And Adam 121 lived 2421 z8799 an hundred 3967 and thirty 7970 years, 8141 and begat 3205 z8686 [a son] in his own likeness, 1823 after his image; 6754 and called 7121 z8799 x853 his name 8034 Seth: 8352
am 130, bc 3874
The chronology differs in the Hebrew Text, the Samaritan, the LXX, and Josephus. The LXX adds 100 years to each of the patriarchs Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, and Enoch, before the birth of their sons; while they take 20 from the age of Methuselah, and add 6 to that of Lamech Thus the space from the creation to the deluge is made 2,242 years, according to the Vatican copy, but 2,262 by the Alexandrine; and the sum total by Josephus is 2,265, by the Samaritan 1,307, and the Hebrew Text, 1,656. The sum total from the Deluge to the 70th year of Terah, according to these authorities, is, Heb. 292; Sam. 942; Sept. Vat. 1,172; Alex. 1,072, and Josephus 1,002.
in his:
"Who¹ can bringª° a cleanª [thing] out of an unclean?ª¹ not¹ one.ª" {Job 14:4} + "What¹ [is] man,ª that¹ he should be clean?ª° and [he which is] bornª° of a woman,ª that¹ he should be righteous?ª° ... How much more¹¹ abominableª° and filthyª° [is] man,ª which drinkethª° iniquityª° like water?ª" {Job 15:14-16} + "How¹ then can manª be justifiedª° with¹ God?ª or how¹ can he be cleanª° [that is] bornª° of a woman?ª" {Job 25:4} + "The LORDª looked downª° from heavenª¹ upon¹ the childrenª of men,ª to seeª° if there² were¹ any that did understand,ª° [and] seekª°¹ God.ª ... They are all¹ gone aside,ª° they are [all] togetherª become filthy:ª° [there is] none¹ that doethª° good,ª no,¹ not¹ one.ª" {Psa 14:2-3} + "Behold,¹ I was shapenª° in iniquity;ª and in sinª did my motherª conceiveª° me." {Psa 51:5} + "Andª the¹ angelª answeredª° and saidª° unto her,ª The Holyª Ghostª shall comeª° uponª thee,ª andª the powerª of the Highestª shall overshadowª° thee:ª thereforeª alsoª that holy thingª which shall be bornª° ofª theeª shall be calledª° the Sonª of God.ª" {Lke 1:35} + "That which is bornª° ofª the¹ fleshª isª° flesh;ª andª that which is bornª° ofª the¹ Spiritª isª° spirit.ª" {Jhn 3:6} + "Wherefore,ªª asª byª oneª manª sinª enteredª° intoª the¹ world,ª andª deathª byª sin;ª andª soª deathª passedª° uponª allª men,ª forª thatª allª have sinned:ª°" {Rom 5:12} + "Allª fleshª [is] notª the¹ sameª flesh:ª butª² [there is] oneª [kind¹ of] fleshª of men,ªª anotherª fleshª of beasts,ªª anotherª of fishes,ª [and]ª anotherª of birds.ª" {1Co 15:39} + "Amongª whomª alsoª weª allª had our conversationª° in times pastª inª the¹ lustsª of ourª flesh,ª fulfillingª° the¹ desiresª of the¹ fleshª andª of the¹ mind;ª andª wereª° by natureª the childrenª of wrath,ª evenª asª others.ª" {Eph 2:3}
"And Adam²¹ knewª°¹ his wifeª again;ª and she bareª° a son,ª and calledª° his¹ nameª Seth:ª For¹ God,ª [said she], hath appointedª° me anotherª seedª instead² of¹ Abel,ª whom² Cainª slew.ª°" {Gen 4:25}

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