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{Genesis 4:25} And Adam y120 x121 knew 3045 z8799 x853 his wife 802 again; 5750 and she bare 3205 z8799 a son, 1121 and called 7121 z8799 his x853 name 8034 Seth: 8352 For x3588 God, 430 [said she], hath appointed 7896 z8804 me another 312 seed 2233 instead y8478 of x8478 Abel, 1893 whom y3588 Cain 7014 slew. 2026 z8804
am 130, bc 3874
and called:
"And Adamª livedª° an hundredª and thirtyª years,ª and begatª° [a son] in his own likeness,ª after his image;ª and calledª°¹ his nameª Seth:ª ... And the daysª of Adamª afterª he had begottenª°¹ Sethª were¹ eightª hundredª years:ª and he begatª° sonsª and daughters:ª" {Gen 5:3-4} + "Adam,ª Sheth,ª Enosh,ª" {1Ch 1:1} + "Which was [the son] of Enos,ª which was [the son] of Seth,ª which was [the son] of Adam,ª which was [the son] of God.ª" {Lke 3:38}
Heb. Sheth; i. e. appointed, or put
"And Adam²¹ knewªª° Eveª his wife;ª and she conceived,ª° and bareªª° Cain,ª and said,ª° I have gottenª° a manª fromª the LORD.ª ... And in processª¹ of timeª it came to pass,¹ that Cainª broughtª° of the fruitª¹ of the groundª an offeringª unto the LORD.ª" {Gen 4:1-3} + "And Cainª talkedª° withª Abelª his brother:ª and it came to pass,¹ when they were¹ in the field,ª that Cainª rose upª° againstª Abelª his brother,ª and slew¹ him.²°" {Gen 4:8} + "And he said,ª° Whatª hast thou done?ª° the voiceª of thy brother'sª bloodª criethª° unto¹ me from¹ the ground.ª ... And now¹ [art] thou¹ cursedª° from¹ the earth,ª which¹ hath openedª°¹ her mouthª to receiveª° thy brother'sª¹ bloodª from thy hand;ª¹" {Gen 4:10-11}

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