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{Genesis 4:2} And she again 3254 z8686 bare 3205 z8800 x853 his brother 251 x853 Abel. 1893 And Abel 1893 was x1961 a keeper 7462 z8802 of sheep, 6629 but Cain 7014 was x1961 a tiller 5647 z8802 of the ground. 127
Heb. Hebel
And Abel:
"And he saidª° unto¹ him, Thou¹ knowestª°¹ howª I have servedª° thee, and howª thy cattleª was¹ with¹ me. ... And he said,ª° What¹ shall I give¹ thee?²° And Jacobª said,ª° Thou shalt not¹ giveª° me any thing:ª if¹ thou wilt doª° this¹ thingª for me, I will againª° feedª° [and] keepª° thy flock:ª" {Gen 30:29-31} + "And Israelª saidª° unto¹ Joseph,ª Do not¹ thy brethrenª feedª° [the flock] in Shechem?ª come,²°¹ and I will send¹ thee²° unto¹ them. And he saidª° to him, Here¹ [am I]." {Gen 37:13} + "And the men²¹ [are] shepherds,ªª° for¹ their trade¹ hath been¹ to feed cattle;ª and they have broughtª° their flocks,ª and their herds,ª and all¹ that¹ they have. ... That ye shall say,ª° Thy servants'ª trade²¹ hath been¹ about cattleª from our youthª¹ even until¹ now,¹ both¹ we,¹ [and] also¹ our fathers:ª that¹ ye may dwellª° in the landª of Goshen;ª for¹ every¹ shepherdªª° [is] an abominationª unto the Egyptians.ª" {Gen 46:32-34} + "And Pharaohª saidª° unto¹ his brethren,ª What¹ [is] your occupation?ª And they saidª° unto¹ Pharaoh,ª Thy servantsª [are] shepherds,ªª° both¹ we,¹ [and] also¹ our fathers.ª" {Gen 47:3} + "Now Mosesª keptªª°°¹ the flockª of Jethroª his father in law,ª° the priestª of Midian:ª and he ledª°¹ the flockª to the backsideª of the desert,ª and cameª° to¹ the mountainª of God,ª [even] to Horeb.ª" {Exd 3:1} + "He choseª° Davidª also his servant,ª and tookª° him from the sheepfolds:ªª¹ ... So he fedª° them according to the integrityª of his heart;ª and guidedª° them by the skilfulnessª of his hands.ª" {Psa 78:70-72} + "And the LORDª tookª° me as I followedª¹ the flock,ª and the LORDª saidª° unto¹ me, Go,²°¹ prophesyª° unto¹ my peopleª Israel.ª" {Ams 7:15}
a keeper:
Heb. a feeder, "And Adam²¹ knewª°¹ his wifeª again;ª and she bareª° a son,ª and calledª° his¹ nameª Seth:ª For¹ God,ª [said she], hath appointedª° me anotherª seedª instead² of¹ Abel,ª whom² Cainª slew.ª° ... And to Seth,ª to himª also¹ there was bornª° a son;ª and he calledª°¹ his nameª Enos:ª then¹ began¹ men²° to callª° upon the nameª of the LORD.ª" {Gen 4:25-26} + "Lo,¹ childrenª [are] an heritageª of the LORD:ª [and] the fruitª of the wombª [is his] reward.ª" {Psa 127:3} + "Yeª areª° ofª [your] fatherª the¹ devil,ª andª the¹ lustsª of yourª fatherª ye willª° do.ª° Heª wasª° a murdererª fromª the beginning,ª andª abodeª°° notª inª the¹ truth,ª becauseª there isª° noª truthª inª him.ª Whenª he speakethª° a lie,ª he speakethª° ofª his own:ª forª he isª° a liar,ª andª the¹ fatherª of it.ª" {Jhn 8:44} + "Inª thisª the¹ childrenª of Godª areª° manifest,ª andª the¹ childrenª of the¹ devil:ª whosoeverª doethª° notª righteousnessª isª° notª ofª God,ª neitherª he that lovethª° notª his²¹ brother.ª" {1Jn 3:10} + "Notª asª Cain,ª [who] wasª° ofª that wicked one,ª andª slewª° his²¹ brother.ª Andª whereforeªª slewª° he him?ª Becauseª his own²¹ worksª wereª° evil,ª andª his²¹ brother'sª righteous.ª" {1Jn 3:12} + "Whosoeverª hatethª° his²¹ brotherª isª° a murderer:ª andª ye knowª° thatª noªª murdererª hathª° eternalª lifeª abidingª° inª him.ª" {1Jn 3:15}
"Therefore the LORDª Godª sent him forthª° from the gardenª¹ of Eden,ª to tillª°¹ the groundª from whence¹¹¹ he was taken.ª°" {Gen 3:23} + "And Noahª beganª° [to be] an husbandman,ªª and he plantedª° a vineyard:ª" {Gen 9:20}

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