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{Genesis 3:7} And the eyes 5869 of them both 8147 were opened, 6491 z8735 and they y1992 knew 3045 z8799 that x3588 they x1992 [were] naked; 5903 and they sewed 8609 z0 fig 8384 leaves 5929 together, y8609 z8799 and made x6213 themselves y6213 z8799 aprons. 2290
And the:
"For¹ Godª doth knowª° that¹ in the dayª ye eatª° thereof,¹ then your eyesª shall be opened,ª° and ye shall be¹ as gods,ª knowingª° goodª and evil.ª" {Gen 3:5} + "So that thou shalt be¹ madª° for the sightª¹ of thine eyesª which¹ thou shalt see.ª°" {Deu 28:34} + "And it came to pass,¹ when they were comeª° into Samaria,ª that Elishaª said,ª° LORD,ª openª°¹ the eyesª of these¹ [men], that they may see.ª° And the LORDª openedª°¹ their eyes,ª and they saw;ª° and, behold,¹ [they were] in the midstª of Samaria.ª" {2Kg 6:20} + "Andª inª hellª he lift upª° his²¹ eyes,ª beingª° inª torments,ª and seeth²°¹ Abrahamª afar² off,ª¹ andª Lazarusª inª hisª bosom.ª" {Lke 16:23}
"And he said,ª° I heardª°¹ thy voiceª in the garden,ª and I was afraid,ª° because¹ Iª [was] naked;ª and I hid myself.ª° ... And he said,ª° Whoª toldª° thee that¹ thou¹ [wast] naked?ª Hast thou eatenª° of¹ the tree,ª whereof¹¹ I commanded¹ thee²° that thou shouldest notª eat?ª°" {Gen 3:10-11} + "And they were¹ bothª naked,ª the manª and his wife,ª and were not¹ ashamed.ª°" {Gen 2:25}
and they:
"[If] I¹ be wicked,ª° why¹ then¹ labourª° I in vain?ª ... Yetª shalt thou plungeª° me in the ditch,ª and mine own clothesª shall abhorª° me." {Job 9:29-31} + "For¹ the bedª is shorterª° than that [a man] can stretch²° himself¹¹ [on it]: and the coveringª narrowerª° than that he can wrap²° himself¹ [in it]." {Isa 28:20} + "Their websª shall not¹ become¹ garments,ª neither¹ shall they cover²° themselves¹ with their works:ª their worksª [are] worksª of iniquity,ª and the actª of violenceª [is] in their hands.ª" {Isa 59:6}
or, things to gird about

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