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{Genesis 2:8} And the LORD 3068 God 430 planted 5193 z8799 a garden 1588 eastward 6924 x4480 in Eden; 5731 and there 8033 he put 7760 z8799 x853 the man 120 whom 834 he had formed. 3335 z8804
a garden:
"And Lotª lifted upª°¹ his eyes,ª and beheldª°¹ all¹ the plainª of Jordan,ª that¹ it [was] well wateredª every where,¹ beforeª the LORDª destroyedª°¹ Sodomª and Gomorrah,ª [even] as the gardenª of the LORD,ª like the landª of Egypt,ª as thou comestª° unto Zoar.ª" {Gen 13:10} + "Thou hast been¹ in Edenª the gardenª of God;ª every¹ preciousª stoneª [was] thy covering,ª the sardius,ª topaz,ª and the diamond,ª the beryl,ª the onyx,ª and the jasper,ª the sapphire,ª the emerald,ª and the carbuncle,ª and gold:ª the workmanshipª of thy tabretsª and of thy pipesª was preparedª° in thee in the dayª that thou wast created.ª°" {Ezk 28:13} + "The cedarsª in the gardenª of Godª could not¹ hideª° him: the fir treesª were not likeª°¹¹ his boughs,ª and the chesnut treesª were¹ not¹ like his branches;ª nor¹ any¹ treeª in the gardenª of Godª was likeª° unto¹ him in his beauty.ª ... I have madeª° him fairª by the multitudeª of his branches:ª so that all¹ the treesª of Eden,ª that¹ [were] in the gardenª of God,ª enviedª° him." {Ezk 31:8-9} + "A fireª devourethª° beforeª them; and behindª them a flameª burneth:ª° the landª [is] as the gardenª of Edenª beforeª them, and behindª them a desolateª wilderness;ª yea,¹ and nothing¹ shall escapeª¹ them." {Jol 2:3}
"So he drove outª°¹ the man;ª and he placedª° at the eastª¹ of the gardenª of Edenª¹ Cherubims,ª and a flamingª swordª which turned every way,ª° to keepª°¹ the wayª of the treeª of life.ª" {Gen 3:24} + "And Cainª went outª° from the presenceª¹ of the LORD,ª and dweltª° in the landª of Nod,ª on the eastª of Eden.ª" {Gen 4:16} + "Have the godsª of the nationsª deliveredª° them which¹ my fathersª have destroyed;ª° [as]¹ Gozan,ª and Haran,ª and Rezeph,ª and the childrenª of Edenª which¹ [were] in Thelasar?ª" {2Kg 19:12} + "Haran,ª and Canneh,ª and Eden,ª the merchantsª° of Sheba,ª Asshur,ª [and] Chilmad,ª [were] thy merchants.ª°" {Ezk 27:23} + "I made the nationsª to shakeª° at the soundª¹ of his fall,ª when I cast him downª°¹ to hellª with¹ them that descendª° into the pit:ª and all¹ the treesª of Eden,ª the choiceª and bestª of Lebanon,ª all¹ that drinkª° water,ª shall be comfortedª° in the nether partsª of the earth.ª" {Ezk 31:16} + "To¹ whom¹ art thou thus likeª°¹ in gloryª and in greatnessª among the treesª of Eden?ª yet shalt thou be brought downª° with¹ the treesª of Edenª unto¹ the nether partsª of the earth:ª thou shalt lieª° in the midstª of the uncircumcisedª with¹ [them that be] slainª by the sword.ª This¹ [is] Pharaohª and all¹ his multitude,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 31:18}
put the:
"And the LORDª Godª tookª°¹ the man,ª and put¹ him²° into the gardenª of Edenª to dressª° it and to keepª° it." {Gen 2:15}

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