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{Genesis 2:5} And every x3605 plant 7880 of the field 7704 before 2962 it was x1961 in the earth, 776 and every x3605 herb 6212 of the field 7704 before 2962 it grew: 6779 z8799 for 3588 the LORD 3068 God 430 had not 3808 caused it to rain 4305 z8689 upon x5921 the earth, 776 and [there was] not 369 a man 120 to till 5647 z8800 x853 the ground. 127
"And the earthª brought forthª° grass,ª [and] herbª yieldingª° seedª after his kind,ª and the treeª yieldingª° fruit,ª whose¹ seedª [was] in itself, after his kind:ª and Godª sawª° that¹ [it was] good.ª" {Gen 1:12} + "He causeth the grassª to growª° for the cattle,ª and herbª for the serviceª of man:ª that he may bring forthª° foodª out of¹ the earth;ª" {Psa 104:14}
had not:
"Who givethª° rainª uponª¹ the earth,ª and sendethª° watersª uponª¹ the fields:ª" {Job 5:10} + "To cause it to rainª° on¹ the earth,ª [where] no¹ manª [is; on] the wilderness,ª wherein [there is] no¹ man;ª ... Hathª the rainª a father?ª or¹ who¹ hath begottenª° the dropsª of dew?ª" {Job 38:26-28} + "Thou visitestª° the earth,ª and waterestª° it: thou greatlyª enrichestª° it with the riverª of God,ª [which] is fullª° of water:ª thou preparestª° them corn,ª when¹ thou hast so¹ providedª° for it. ... Thou crownestª° the yearª with thy goodness;ª and thy pathsª dropª° fatness.ª" {Psa 65:9-11} + "He causeth the vapoursª to ascendª° from the endsª¹ of the earth;ª he makethª° lightningsª for the rain;ª he bringethª° the windª out of his treasuries.ª¹" {Psa 135:7} + "Are thereª [any] among the vanitiesª of the Gentilesª that can cause rain?ª° or¹ can the heavensª giveª° showers?ª [art] not¹ thou¹ he,¹ O LORDª our God?ª therefore we will waitª° upon thee: for¹ thou¹ hast madeª°¹ all¹ these¹ [things]." {Jer 14:22} + "Thatª ye may beª° the childrenª of yourª Fatherª whichª is inª heaven:ª forª he maketh²° his²¹ sunª to riseª° onª the evilª andª on the good,ª andª sendeth rainª° onª the justª andª on the unjust.ª" {Mtt 5:45} + "Forª the earthª which² drinketh inª° the¹ rainª that comethª° oftª uponª it,ª andª bringeth forthª° herbsª meetª for themª² byª whomª it is¹ dressed,ª° receivethª° blessingª fromª God:ª" {Hbr 6:7}
to till:
"Therefore the LORDª Godª sent him forthª° from the gardenª¹ of Eden,ª to tillª°¹ the groundª from whence¹¹¹ he was taken.ª°" {Gen 3:23} + "And she againª° bareª°¹ his brotherª¹ Abel.ª And Abelª was¹ a keeperª° of sheep,ª but Cainª was¹ a tillerª° of the ground.ª" {Gen 4:2} + "Whenª thou tillestª°¹ the ground,ª it shall not¹ henceforthª° yieldª° unto thee her strength;ª a fugitiveª° and a vagabondª° shalt thou be¹ in the earth.ª" {Gen 4:12}

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