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{Genesis 2:1} Thus the heavens 8064 and the earth 776 were finished, 3615 z8792 and all x3605 the host x6635 of them. y6635
"Theseª [are] the generationsª of the heavensª and of the earthª when they were created,ª° in the dayª that the LORDª Godª madeª° the earthª and the heavens,ª" {Gen 2:4} + "In the beginningª Godª createdªª° the heavenª and² the earth.ª" {Gen 1:1} + "And Godª calledª° the dryª [land] Earth;ª and the gathering togetherª of the watersª calledª° he Seas:ª and Godª sawª° that¹ [it was] good.ª" {Gen 1:10} + "For¹ [in] sixª daysª the LORDª madeª°¹ heavenª and earth,ª¹ the sea,ª and all¹ that¹ in them [is], and restedª° the seventhª day:ª wherefore¹¹ the LORDª blessedª° the¹ sabbathª day,ª and hallowedª° it." {Exd 20:11} + "It¹ [is] a signª between¹ me and the childrenª of Israelª for ever:ª for¹ [in] sixª daysª the LORDª madeª°¹ heavenª and earth,ª and on the seventhª dayª he rested,ª° and was refreshed.ª°" {Exd 31:17} + "And Hezekiahª prayedª° beforeª the LORD,ª and said,ª° O LORDª Godª of Israel,ª which dwellestª° [between] the cherubims,ª thou¹ art the God,ª [even] thou alone,¹ of all¹ the kingdomsª of the earth;ª thou¹ hast madeª°¹ heavenª and earth.ª" {2Kg 19:15} + "Huramª saidª° moreover, Blessedª° [be] the LORDª Godª of Israel,ª that¹ madeª°¹ heavenª and earth,ª who¹ hath givenª° to Davidª the kingª a wiseª son,ª enduedª° with prudenceª and understanding,ª that¹ might buildª° an houseª for the LORD,ª and an houseª for his kingdom.ª" {2Ch 2:12} + "Thou,¹ [even] thou,¹ [art] LORDª alone;¹ thou¹ hast madeª°¹ heaven,ª the heavenª of heavens,ª with all¹ their host,ª the earth,ª and all¹ [things] that¹ [are] therein,¹ the seas,ª and all¹ that¹ [is] therein, and thou¹ preservestª°¹ them all;¹ and the hostª of heavenª worshippethª° thee." {Neh 9:6} + "Who¹ knowethª° not¹ in all¹ these¹ that¹ the handª of the LORDª hath wroughtª° this?¹" {Job 12:9} + "The heavensª [are] thine, the earthª also¹ [is] thine: [as for] the worldª and the fulnessª thereof, thou¹ hast foundedª° them. ... Thou hast a mightyª arm:ª strongª° is thy hand,ª [and] highª° is thy right hand.ª" {Psa 89:11-13} + "Who coverestª° [thyself] with lightª as [with] a garment:ª who stretchest outª° the heavensª like a curtain:ª" {Psa 104:2} + "To him that by wisdomª madeª° the heavens:ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever.ª ...¹ The sunª to ruleª by day:ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever:ª" {Psa 136:5-8} + "Which madeª° heaven,ª and earth,ª¹ the sea,ª and all¹ that¹ therein [is]: which keepethª° truthª for ever:ª" {Psa 146:6} + "Thus¹ saithª° Godª the LORD,ª he that createdª° the heavens,ª and stretched them out;ª° he that spread forthª° the earth,ª and that which cometh outª of it; he that givethª° breathª unto the peopleª upon¹ it, and spiritª to them that walkª° therein:" {Isa 42:5} + "For¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª that createdª° the heavens;ª Godª himself¹ that formedª° the earthª and madeª° it; he¹ hath establishedª° it, he createdª° it not¹ in vain,ª he formedª° it to be inhabited:ª° I¹ [am] the LORD;ª and [there is] none¹ else.¹" {Isa 45:18} + "Mine handª also¹ hath laid the foundationª° of the earth,ª and my right handª hath spannedª° the heavens:ª [when] I¹ callª° unto¹ them, they stand upª° together.ª" {Isa 48:13} + "For¹ [as] the heavensª are higherª° than the earth,ª¹ so¹ are my ways² higherª°¹ than your ways,ª¹ and my thoughtsª than your thoughts.ª¹" {Isa 55:9} + "For,¹ behold,¹ I createª° newª heavensª and a newª earth:ª and the formerª shall not¹ be remembered,ª° nor¹ comeª° into¹ mind.ª" {Isa 65:17} + "He hath madeª° the earthª by his power,ª he hath establishedª° the worldª by his wisdom,ª and hath stretched outª° the heavensª by his discretion.ª" {Jer 10:12} + "The portionª of Jacobª [is] not¹ like them:¹ for¹ he¹ [is] the formerª° of all¹ [things]; and Israelª [is] the rodª of his inheritance:ª The LORDª of hostsª [is] his name.ª" {Jer 10:16} + "The burdenª of the wordª of the LORDª for¹ Israel,ª saithª° the LORD,ª which stretcheth²° forth¹ the heavens,ª and layeth the foundationª° of the earth,ª and formethª° the spiritª of manª withinª him." {Zch 12:1} + "Andª when they¹ heard¹ that,²° they lifted upª° their voiceª toª Godª with one accord,ª andª said,ª° Lord,ª thouª [art] God,ª which² hast madeª° heaven,ª andª earth,ª andª the¹ sea,ª andª allª that¹ inª them¹ is:²" {Act 4:24} + "Forª we which² have believedª° do enterª° intoª rest,ª asª he said,ª° Asª I have swornª° inª myª wrath,ª ifª they shall enterª° intoª myª rest:ª althoughª the¹ worksª were finishedª° fromª the foundationª of the world.ª" {Hbr 4:3}
"And lest¹ thou lift upª° thine eyesª unto heaven,ª and when thou seestª°¹ the sun,ª and the moon,ª and the stars,ª [even] all¹ the hostª of heaven,ª shouldest be drivenª° to worshipª° them, and serveª° them, which¹ the LORDª thy Godª hath dividedª°¹ unto all¹ nationsª under¹ the whole¹ heaven.ª" {Deu 4:19} + "And hath gone²°¹ and servedª° otherª gods,ª and worshippedª° them, either the sun,ª or¹ moon,ª or¹ any¹ of the hostª of heaven,ª which¹ I have not¹ commanded;ª°" {Deu 17:3} + "For he built upª° againª°¹ the high placesª which¹ Hezekiahª his fatherª had destroyed;ª° and he reared upª° altarsª for Baal,ª and madeª° a grove,ª as¹ didª° Ahabª kingª of Israel;ª and worshippedª° all¹ the hostª of heaven,ª and servedª° them. ... And he builtª° altarsª for all¹ the hostª of heavenª in the twoª courtsª of the houseª of the LORD.ª" {2Kg 21:3-5} + "By the wordª of the LORDª were the heavensª made;ª° and all¹ the hostª of them by the breathª of his mouth.ª" {Psa 33:6} + "For¹ he¹ spake,ª° and it was¹ [done]; he¹ commanded,ª° and it stood fast.ª°" {Psa 33:9} + "And all¹ the hostª of heavenª shall be dissolved,ª° and the heavensª shall be rolled togetherª° as a scroll:ª and all¹ their hostª shall fall down,ª° as the leafª falleth offª° from the vine,ª¹ and as a fallingª° [fig] from the fig tree.ª¹" {Isa 34:4} + "Lift upª° your eyesª on high,ª and beholdª° who¹ hath createdª° these¹ [things], that bringeth outª° their hostª by number:ª he callethª° them all¹ by namesª by the greatnessª¹ of his might,ª for that [he is] strongª in power;ª not¹ oneª faileth.ª° ... Hast thou not¹ known?ª° hast thou not¹ heard,ª° [that] the everlastingª God,ª the LORD,ª the Creatorª° of the endsª of the earth,ª faintethª° not,¹ neither¹ is weary?ª° [there is] no¹ searchingª of his understanding.ª" {Isa 40:26-28} + "I¹ have madeª° the earth,ª and createdª° manª upon¹ it: I,¹ [even] my hands,ª have stretched outª° the heavens,ª and all¹ their hostª have I commanded.ª°" {Isa 45:12} + "And they shall spreadª° them before the sun,ª and the moon,ª and all¹ the hostª of heaven,ª whom¹ they have loved,ª° and whom¹ they have served,ª° and afterª whom¹ they have walked,ª° and whom¹ they have sought,ª° and whom¹ they have worshipped:ª° they shall not¹ be gathered,ª° nor¹ be buried;ª° they shall be¹ for dungª upon¹ the faceª of the earth.ª" {Jer 8:2} + "Andª suddenlyª there wasª° withª the¹ angelª a multitudeª of the heavenlyª hostª praisingª° God,ª andª saying,ª°" {Lke 2:13} + "Thenª Godª turned,ª° andª gave²° them² upª°¹ to worshipª° the¹ hostª of heaven;ª as¹ it² is writtenª° inª the bookª of the¹ prophets,ª O ye houseª of Israel,ª have ye¹ offeredª²° to meª slain beastsª andª sacrificesª [by the space of] fortyª yearsª inª the¹ wilderness?ª" {Act 7:42}

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