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{Genesis 1:16} And God 430 made 6213 z8799 x853 two 8147 great 1419 lights; 3974 x853 the greater 1419 light 3974 to rule 4475 the day, 3117 and the lesser 6996 light 3974 to rule 4475 the night: 3915 [he made] the stars 3556 also.
to rule:
Heb. for the rule, etc. "And lest¹ thou lift upª° thine eyesª unto heaven,ª and when thou seestª°¹ the sun,ª and the moon,ª and the stars,ª [even] all¹ the hostª of heaven,ª shouldest be drivenª° to worshipª° them, and serveª° them, which¹ the LORDª thy Godª hath dividedª°¹ unto all¹ nationsª under¹ the whole¹ heaven.ª" {Deu 4:19} + "Then¹ spakeª° Joshuaª to the LORDª in the dayª when the LORDª delivered upª°¹ the Amoritesª beforeª the childrenª of Israel,ª and he saidª° in the sightª of Israel,ª Sun,ª stand thou stillª° upon Gibeon;ª and thou, Moon,ª in the valleyª of Ajalon.ª ... And there was¹ no¹ dayª like that¹ beforeª it or afterª it, that the LORDª hearkenedª° unto the voiceª of a man:ª for¹ the LORDª foughtª° for Israel.ª" {Jsh 10:12-14} + "If¹ I beheldª° the sunª when¹ it shined,ª° or the moonª walkingª° [in] brightness;ª" {Job 31:26} + "When the morningª starsª sangª° together,ª and all¹ the sonsª of Godª shouted²° for joy?¹" {Job 38:7} + "When¹ I considerª° thy heavens,ª the workª of thy fingers,ª the moonª and the stars,ª which¹ thou hast ordained;ª°" {Psa 8:3} + "His going forthª [is] from the endª¹ of the heaven,ª and his circuitª unto¹ the endsª of it: and there is nothing¹ hidª° from the heatª¹ thereof." {Psa 19:6} + "The dayª [is] thine, the nightª also¹ [is] thine: thou¹ hast preparedª° the lightª and the sun.ª" {Psa 74:16} + "To him that madeª° greatª lights:ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever:ª ...¹ The sunª to ruleª by day:ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever:ª" {Psa 136:7-8} + "¹ The moonª and starsª to ruleª by night:ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever.ª" {Psa 136:9} + "Praiseª° ye him, sunª and moon:ª praiseª° him, all¹ ye starsª of light.ª" {Psa 148:3} + "Let them praiseª°¹ the nameª of the LORD:ª for¹ he¹ commanded,ª° and they were created.ª°" {Psa 148:5} + "For¹ the starsª of heavenª and the constellationsª thereof shall not¹ giveª° their light:ª the sunª shall be darkenedª° in his going forth,ª° and the moonª shall not¹ cause her lightª to shine.ª°" {Isa 13:10} + "Then the moonª shall be confounded,ª° and the sunª ashamed,ª° when¹ the LORDª of hostsª shall reignª° in mountª Zion,ª and in Jerusalem,ª and before¹ his ancientsª gloriously.ª" {Isa 24:23} + "I formª° the light,ª and createª° darkness:ª I makeª° peace,ª and createª° evil:ª I¹ the LORDª doª° all¹ these¹ [things]." {Isa 45:7} + "The sunª [and] moonª stood stillª° in their habitation:ª at the lightª of thine arrowsª they went,ª° [and] at the shiningª of thy glitteringª spear.ª" {Hab 3:11} + "Immediatelyª² afterª the¹ tribulationª of thoseª daysª shall the¹ sunª be darkened,ª° andª the¹ moonª shall²° notª giveª° her²¹ light,ª andª the¹ starsª shall fallª° fromª heaven,ª andª the¹ powersª of the¹ heavensª shall be shaken:ª°" {Mtt 24:29} + "Nowª fromª the sixthª hourª there wasª° darknessª overª allª the¹ landª untoª the ninthª hour.ª" {Mtt 27:45} + "[There is] oneª gloryª of the sun,ª andª anotherª gloryª of the moon,ª andª anotherª gloryª of the stars:ª forª [one] starª differeth fromª° [another] starª inª glory.ª" {1Co 15:41} + "Andª the¹ fourthª angelª poured outª° his²¹ vialª uponª the¹ sun;ª andª power was givenª° unto himª to scorchª° menª withª fire.ª ... Andª menª were scorchedª° with greatª heat,ª andª blasphemedª° the¹ nameª of God,ª which² hathª° powerª overª theseª plagues:ª andª they repentedª° notª to giveª° himª glory.ª" {Rev 16:8-9} + "Andª the¹ cityª hadª° noª needª of the¹ sun,ª neitherª of the¹ moon,ª toª shineª° inª it:ª forª the¹ gloryª of Godª did lightenª° it,ª andª the¹ Lambª [is] the¹ lightª thereof.ª" {Rev 21:23}
he made the stars also:
Or, with the stars also

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