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1,2And after this I saw another dream, and I will show the whole dream to thee, my son. And Enoch lifted up [his voice] and spake to his son Methuselah: 'To thee, my son, will I speak: hear my 3words -incline thine ear to the dream-vision of thy father. Before I took thy mother Edna, I saw in a vision on my bed, and behold a bull came forth from the earth, and that bull was white; and after it came forth a heifer, and along with this [latter] came forth two bulls, one of them black and 4the other red. And that black bull gored the red one and pursued him over the earth, and thereupon 5I could no longer see that red bull. But that black bull grew and that heifer went with him, and 6I saw that many oxen proceeded from him which resembled and followed him. And that cow, that first one, went from the presence of that first bull in order to seek that red one, but found him 7not, and lamented with a great lamentation over him and sought him. And I looked till that first 8bull came to her and quieted her, and from that time onward she cried no more. And after that she bore another white bull, and after him she bore many bulls and black cows. 9And I saw in my sleep that white bull likewise grow and become a great white bull, and from Him proceeded many white bulls, and they resembled him. And they began to beget many white bulls, which resembled them, one following the other, [even] many.



84:1 After this I saw another dream, and explained it all to you, my son. Enoch arose and said to his son Mathusala, To you, my son, will I speak. Hear my word; and incline your ear to the visionary dream of your father. Before I married your mother Edna, I saw a vision on my bed; (95)

(95) This second vision of Enoch seems to portray in symbolic language the complete history of the world from the time of Adam down to the final judgment and the establishment of the Messianic Kingdom (Charles, p. 227).

84:2 And behold, a cow sprung forth from the earth;

84:3 And this cow was white.

84:4 Afterwards a female heifer sprung forth; and with it another heifer: (96) one of them was black, and one was red. (97)

(96) Another heifer. The sense seems to require that the passage should read, "two other heifers" (Laurence, p. 121).
(97) Cain and Abel.

84:5 The black heifer then struck the red one, and pursued it over the earth.

84:6 From that period I could see nothing more of the red heifer; but the black one increased in bulk, and a female heifer came with him.

84:7 After this I saw that many cows proceeded forth, resembling him, and following after him.

84:8 The first female young one also went out in the presence of the first cow; and sought the red heifer, but found him not.

84:9 And she lamented with a great lamentation, while she was seeking him.

84:10 Then I looked until that first [cow] came to her, from which time she became silent, and ceased to lament.

84:11 Afterwards she calved another white cow.

84:12 And again calved many cows and black heifers.

84:13 In my sleep also I perceived a white bull, which in like manner grew, and became a large white bull.

84:14 After him many white cows came forth, resembling him.

84:15 And they began to calve many [other] white cows, which resembled them and followed each other.

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