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1And now, my son Methuselah, all these things I am recounting to thee and writing down for thee! and I have revealed to thee everything, and given thee books concerning all these: so preserve, my son Methuselah, the books from thy father's hand, and [see] that thou deliver them to the generations of the world.

2I have given wisdom to thee and to thy children,
{And thy children that shall be to thee},
That they may give it to their children for generations,
This wisdom [namely] that passeth their thought.

3And those who understand it shall not sleep,
But shall listen with the ear that they may learn this wisdom,
And it shall please those that eat thereof better than good food.

4Blessed are all the righteous, blessed are all those who walk in the way of righteousness and sin not as the sinners, in the reckoning of all their days in which the sun traverses t he heaven, entering into and departing from the portals for thirty days with the heads of thousands of the order of the stars, together with the four which are intercalated which divide the four portions of the year, which 5lead them and enter with them four days. Owing to them men shall be at fault and not reckon them in the whole reckoning of the year: yea, men shall be at fault, and not recognize them accurately. 6For they belong to the reckoning of the year and are truly recorded [thereon] for ever, one in the first portal and one in the third, and one in the fourth and one in the sixth, and the year is completed in three hundred and sixty-four days. 7And the account thereof is accurate and the recorded reckoning thereof exact; for the luminaries, and months and festivals, and years and days, has Uriel shown and revealed to me, to whom the 8Lord of the whole creation of the world hath subjected the host of heaven. And he has power over night and day in the heaven to cause the light to give light to men -sun, moon, and stars, 9and all the powers of the heaven which revolve in their circular chariots. And these are the orders of the stars, which set in their places, and in their seasons and festivals and months. 10And these are the names of those who lead them, who watch that they enter at their times, in their orders, in their seasons, in their months, in their periods of dominion, and in their positions. 11Their four leaders who divide the four parts of the year enter first; and after them the twelve leaders of the orders who divide the months; and for the three hundred and sixty [days] there are heads over thousands who divide the days; and for the four intercalary days there are the leaders which sunder 12the four parts of the year. And these heads over thousands are intercalated between 13leader and leader, each behind a station, but their leaders make the division. And these are the names of the leaders who divide the four parts of the year which are ordained: Mlk'l, Hel'emmlk, and Ml'jal, 14and Nrl. And the names of those who lead them: Adnr'l, and Ijssa'l, and 'Elm'l -these three follow the leaders of the orders, and there is one that follows the three leaders of the orders which follow those leaders of stations that divide the four parts of the year. 15In the beginning of the year Melkejl rises first and rules, who is named Tam'in and sun, and 16all the days of his dominion whilst he bears rule are ninety-one days. And these are the signs of the days which are to be seen on earth in the days of his dominion: sweat, and heat, and calms; and all the trees bear fruit, and leaves are produced on all the trees, and the harvest of wheat, and the rose-flowers, and all the flowers which come forth in the field, but the trees of the winter season 17become withered. And these are the names of the leaders which are under them: Berka'l, Zlebs'l, and another who is added a head of a thousand, called Hljseph: and the days of the dominion of this [leader] are at an end. 18The next leader after him is Hl'emmlk, whom one names the shining sun, and all the days 19of his light are ninety-one days. And these are the signs of [his] days on the earth: glowing heat and dryness, and the trees ripen their fruits and produce all their fruits ripe and ready, and the sheep pair and become pregnant, and all the fruits of the earth are gathered in, and everything that is 20in the fields, and the winepress: these things take place in the days of his dominion. These are the names, and the orders, and the leaders of those heads of thousands: Gd'jal, K'l, and H'l, and the name of the head of a thousand which is added to them, Asf'l: and the days of his dominion are at an end.



81:1 Now, my son Mathusala, all these things I speak unto you, and write for you. To you I have revealed all, and have given you books of everything.

81:2 Preserve, my son Mathusala, the books written by your father; that you may reveal them to future generations.

81:3 Wisdom have I given you, to your children, and your posterity, that they may reveal to their children, for generations for ever, this wisdom in their thoughts; and that those who comprehend [it] may not slumber, but hear with their ears; that they may learn this wisdom, and be deemed worthy of eating [this] wholesome food.

81:4 Blessed are all the righteous; blessed [are] all who walk in righteousness; in whom no crime [is found], as in sinners, when all their days are numbered.

81:5 With respect to the progress of the sun in heaven, it enters and goes out of [each] gate for thirty days, with the leaders of the thousand classes of the stars; with four which are added, and appertain to the four quarters of the year, which conduct them, and accompany them at four periods.

81:6 Respecting these, men greatly err, and do not calculate them in the calculation of every age; for they greatly err respecting them; nor do men know accurately that they are in the calculation of the year. But indeed these are marked down for ever; one in the first gate, one in the third, one in the fourth, and one in the sixth:

81:7 So that the year is completed in three hundred and sixty-four days.

81:8 Truly has been stated, and accurately has been calculated that which is marked down; for the luminaries, the months, the fixed periods, the years, and the days, Uriel has explained to me, and communicated to me; whom the Lord of all creation, on my account, commanded (according to the might of heaven, and the power which it possesses both by night and by day) to explain [the laws of] light to man, of the sun, moon, and stars, and of all the powers of heaven, which are turned with their respective orbs.

81:9 This is the ordinance of the stars, which set in their places, in their seasons, in their periods, in their days, and in their months.

81:10 These are the names of the those who conduct them, who watch and enter in their seasons, according to their ordinance in their periods, in their months, in [the times of] their influence, and in their stations.

81:11 Four conductors of them first enter, who separate the four quarters of the year. After these, twelve conductors of their classes, who separate the months and the year [into] three hundred and sixty-four [days], with the leaders of a thousand, who distinguish between the days, as well as between the four additional ones; which, [as] conductors, divide the four quarters of the year.

81:12 These leaders of a thousand are in the midst of the conductors, and the conductors are added each behind his station, and their conductors make the separation. These are the names of the conductors, who separate the four quarters of the year, who are appointed [over them]: Melkel, Helammelak,

81:13 Meliyal, and Narel.

81:14 And the names of those who conduct them are Adnarel, Jyasusal, and Jyelumeal.

81:15 These are the three who follow after the conductors of the classes [of stars]; each following after the three conductors of the classes, which themselves follow after those conductors of the stations, who divide the four quarters of the year.

81:16 In the first part of the year rises and rules Melkyas, who is named Tamani, and Zahay. (87)

(87) Tamani, and Zahay. Or, "the southern sun" (Knibb, p. 190).

81:17 All the days of his influence, [during] which he rules, are ninety-one days.

81:18 And these are the signs of the days which are seen upon the earth. In the days of his influence [there is] perspiration, heat, and trouble. All the trees become fruitful; the leaf of every tree comes forth; the corn is reaped; the rose and every species of flowers blossoms in the field; and the trees of winter are dried up.

81:19 These are the names of the conductors who are under them: Barkel, Zelsabel; and another additional conductor of a thousand is named Heloyalef, the days of those influence have been completed. The other conductor next after them [is] Helemmelek, whose name they call the splendid Zahay. (88)

(88) Zahay. Or, "sun" (Knibb, p. 191).

81:20 All the days of his light are ninety-one days.

81:21 These are the signs of the days upon earth, heat and drought; while the trees bring forth their fruits, warmed and concocted, and give their fruits to dry.

81:22 The flocks follow and yean. (89) All the fruits of the earth are collected, with everything in the fields, and the vines are trodden. This takes place during the time of his influence.

(89) Follow and yean. Mate and bear young.

81:23 These are their names and orders, and [the names] of the conductors who are under them, of those who are chiefs of a thousand: Gedaeyal, Keel, Heel.

81:24 And the name of the additional leader of a thousand is Asphael.

81:25 The days of his influence have been completed.

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