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1And Azzl taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all 2colouring tinctures. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they 3were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways. Semjz taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, 'Armrs the resolving of enchantments, Barqjl [taught] astrology, Kkabl the constellations, zql the knowledge of the clouds, Araqil the signs of the earth, Shamsil the signs of the sun, and Saril the course of the moon. And as men perished, they cried, and their cry went up to heaven {...}



8:1 Moreover Azazyel taught men to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, the fabrication of mirrors, and the workmanship of bracelets and ornaments, the use of paint, the beautifying of the eyebrows, [the use of] stones of every valuable and select kind, and all sorts of dyes, so that the world became altered.

8:2 Impiety increased; fornication multiplied; and they transgressed and corrupted all their ways.

8:3 Amazarak taught all the sorcerers, and dividers of roots:

8:4 Armers [taught] the solution of sorcery;

8:5 Barkayal [taught] the observers of the stars, (9)

(9) Observers of the stars. Astrologers (Charles, p. 67).

8:6 Akibeel [taught] signs;

8:7 Tamiel taught astronomy;

8:8 And Asaradel taught the motion of the moon,

8:9 And men, being destroyed, cried out; and their voice reached to heaven.

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