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1And the first quarter is called the east, because it is the first: and the second, the south, because the Most High will descend there, yea, there in quite a special sense will He who is blessed for ever 2descend. And the west quarter is named the diminished, because there all the luminaries of the 3heaven wane and go down. And the fourth quarter, named the north, is divided into three parts: the first of them is for the dwelling of men: and the second contains seas of water, and the abysses and forests and rivers, and darkness and clouds; and the third part contains the garden of righteousness. 4I saw seven high mountains, higher than all the mountains which are on the earth: and thence 5comes forth hoar-frost, and days, seasons, and years pass away. I saw seven rivers on the earth larger than all the rivers: one of them coming from the west pours its waters into the Great Sea. 6And these two come from the north to the sea and pour their waters into the Erythraean Sea in the 7east. And the remaining, four come forth on the side of the north to their own sea, two of them to the Erythraean Sea, and two into the Great Sea and discharge themselves there {and some say: 8into the desert}. Seven great islands I saw in the sea and in the mainland: two in the mainland and five in the Great Sea.



76:1 The first wind is called the eastern, because it is the first.

76:2 The second is called the south, because the Most High there descends, and frequently there descends [he who] is blessed for ever.

76:3 The western wind has the name of diminution, because there all the luminaries of heaven are diminished, and descend.

76:4 The fourth wind, which is named the north, is divided into three parts; one of which is for the habitation of man; another for seas of water, with valleys, woods, rivers, shady places, and snow; and the third part [contains] paradise.

76:5 Seven high mountains I beheld, higher than all the mountains of the earth, from which frost proceeds; while days, seasons, and years depart and pass away.

76:6 Seven rivers I beheld upon earth, greater than all rivers, one of which takes its course from the west; into a great sea its water flows.

76:7 Two come from the north to the sea, their waters flowing into the Erythraean sea, (82) on the east. And with respect to the remaining four, they take their course in the cavity of the north, [two] to their sea, the Erythraean sea, and two are poured into a great sea, where also it is said [there is] a desert.

(82) The Red Sea.

76:8 Seven great islands I saw in the sea and on the earth. Seven in the great sea.

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