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1And I began to speak the third Parable concerning the righteous and elect.

2Blessed are ye, ye righteous and elect,
For glorious shall be your lot.

3And the righteous shall be in the light of the sun.
And the elect in the light of eternal life:
The days of their life shall be unending,
And the days of the holy without number.

4And they shall seek the light and find righteousness with the Lord of Spirits:
There shall be peace to the righteous in the name of the Eternal Lord.

5And after this it shall be said to the holy in heaven
That they should seek out the secrets of righteousness, the heritage of faith:
For it has become bright as the sun upon earth,
And the darkness is past.

6And there shall be a light that never endeth,
And to a limit [lit. 'number'] of days they shall not come,
For the darkness shall first have been destroyed,
{And the light established before the Lord of Spirits}
And the light of uprightness established for ever before the Lord of Spirits.



56:1 I now began to utter the third parable, concerning the saints and the elect.

56:2 Blessed are you, O saints and elect, for glorious is your lot.

56:3 The saints shall exist in the light of the sun, and the elect in the light of everlasting life, the days of whose life shall never terminate; nor shall the days of the saints be numbered, who seek for light, and obtain righteousness with the Lord of spirits.

56:4 Peace be to the saints with the Lord of the world.

56:5 Henceforward shall the saints be told to seek in heaven the secrets of righteousness, the portion of faith; for like the sun has it arisen upon the earth, while darkness has passed away. There shall be light interminable; nor shall they enter upon the enumeration of time; for darkness shall be previously destroyed, and light shall increase before the Lord of spirits; before the Lord of spirits shall the light of uprightness increase for ever.

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